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First Week of Gemini

May 21, 2015

The sun is now officially in Gemini and for the first week of this new astrological month, we are alive with some very basic alignments.


First up is a pair of oppositions. Tonight at 8:56 CDT, Venus, with the moon right next to her, opposes Pluto in the middle of Cancer/Capricorn. Almost exactly 24 hours later, the sun and Saturn oppose at 1o 38’ Gemini/Sagittarius.

I think I already fell prey to these oppositions, which are semi-square to each other. Oppositions can ask us to choose: “Do you want this or do you want that.” They seem to say, “you can’t have it both ways.” With two simultaneous oppositions that align with each other, you get four options competing for your attention. While Mercury is going backward, the fast and easy option is not likely to be the best one. Remember, Saturn is involved; he wants you to shoot for the long-term goal.

I personally have figured out already to slow it down and take a step back. I need to heed my own advice, which I tweeted yesterday: Consider all options before deciding. [@DavidTangredi]

Following the pair of oppositions, we get a pair of squares—how Gemini! On May 25th, Venus squares Uranus around noon and then Mars squares Neptune at dinnertime.

The Mars-Neptune square will likely be dominant since the sun and moon are both within orb and form a T-Square. Mars is classically male energetically and Neptune, as the higher octave of Venus, is classically female.

When making any kind of decision, there is the needs of our masculine side and the needs of our feminine side that come into play. The oppositions, for me, played out externally (as multiple options). The deciding played out internally (as a weighing of desires).

Venus is involved in both an opposition and a square this week forming a T-Square with Pluto and Uranus. When Venus is involved like this, she asks us to consider our values. That’s sound advance for making any decision!

Finishing out the initial week of Gemini, Mercury first conjuncts Mars (just before sunrise on 5/27) and then squares Neptune overnight into the 5/29. Mercury in Gemini sees both sides, so he will help us work out the tension created between Mars and Neptune, between our desire to accomplish something and our desire to feel connected.

Gemini is here to inspire us to explore possibilities, but at some point, we need to pick a partner for the long haul. Well, we don’t have to, but we want to.

All of this has me thinking about the progression from the 7 of Cups to the 10 of Cups in the Tarot. At the seven, we are presented with options. They all look good. We can try a few on, but we’ll likely find that most of them don’t quite fit. At the eight, we walk away from those that didn’t make us happy. At the nine, we wished for more, and got more. Maybe it wasn’t for the long-term, but it was just what we asked for.

Finally, at the ten, we have what we want…in all areas. We have the complete package. It may not be the best of everything in every category, but it is what feels right. It is what feeds our soul.

Gemini does not like to be bored and given this first week, I doubt we will be. Enjoy the activity!

Mercury, Gemini, and Everyone

May 19, 2015

Mercury station retrograde (in Gemini) precedes sun ingress Gemini by approximately 31 hours. That’s close enough to consider them as a single event, or rather the onset of a temporal window. Sun ingress Gemini is the start of an Astrological month, a month which, this year, is dominated by Mercury retrograde.

Via the analysis described in yesterday’s post (Retrograde and Return), I have an idea of at least one lesson I’m learning via Mercury and Saturn retrograde. Looking at the Mercury station charts (below) tells me that we’re all here to learn through Mercury and Saturn.

First up is the Mercury station retrograde chart from yesterday evening:


Gemini covers the cusp of the 7th house—the descendant. Opposing the stellium there is Saturn Retrograde rising. Mars is only arc-minutes from the Descendant, so he is actively involved as well.

I guess I’m not as unique as I thought. This Mercury retrograde period starts off as a lesson in relationship for all of us.

Given Sagittarius rising, we must also look at Jupiter, who sits high in the 9th house (where he likes to be). Since the sun is below the horizon, Jupiter takes the place of the sun, shining light down on the rest of the chart. This year, he is here to teach us about self esteem [see Jupiter (Ge)station]. In fact, Jupiter is tightly sextile to the Mercury station.

With Mercury sitting in the 7th house, I’m inclined to look at Venus—ruler of the 7th. She sits just above in Cancer in the 8th. That combination looks like love and affection within the context of intimacy. Cancer as cusp of the 8th softens the typical intensity of Scorpio.

As an intuitive, I always “notice what I notice.” One thing I noticed is the numerology. Check out Vesta’s coordinates: 22o Pisces 55’55”. Vesta’s dedication is supporting the chart from below. She opposes Lilith—the queen of the shadow—so her work is cut out for her.

Varuna, who is conjunct the Vertex in Cancer in the 8th house, has interesting coordinates as well: 26o Cancer 12’22”. Varuna/Vertex thus form a Water Trine with Vesta.

As a Gemini man, I have learned a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of Gemini. Gemini is logical and contains mental prowess. Gemini learns quickly and loves to share his/her ideas.

Young (immature) Gemini can think that s/he knows it all. I was there and surely annoyed my whole family. But logic cannot explain feelings and emotions simply because no one mind has access to all of the data. A person cannot remember every moment in his or her life well enough to fully understand his or her own emotional reactions. And no one can know the complete history of another person. Thus, in my opinion, Gemini is called to learn about feelings, emotions, intimacy, and relationship.

Every Gemini who lives an average life-span will progress through Cancer. Dipping a logical mind into an emotional pool like that is a journey indeed.

So for the next 30 days, we all get to be honorary Geminis and we all get to rethink what we know about feelings, emotions, relationship, intimacy, and love.

Let’s see what the end of the journey looks like, when Mercury stations direct:


First off, take a look at Venus’ coordinates: 5o Leo 55’55”. Now come on! What are the odds of that? (There are 3600 arc-seconds in each degree, by the way.)

In my opinion, Mercury—in retrograde—is escorting Saturn—in retrograde—back into Scorpio via opposition. Saturn doesn’t quite get there when Mercury turns forward, but notice that the Ascendant does move from Sadge (in the first chart) to Scorpio (in the second).

Mercury and Venus remain in the same respective houses in both charts, however, so their purpose stays constant for the entire 24-day period. The sun and Mars move from the one to the other (7th to 8th). And the moon nearly completes her cycle.

Although Jupiter is not the ruler of this second chart, look at where he sits: exactly on the MC to the arc-minute!

In Jupiter (Ge)station, I spoke of Psyche and the spiritual wound she indicates. Notice that in this second chart, Psyche sits just above the Descendant.

The Descendant and Ascendant are aligned and thus always work together. Our self-image, self-esteem, self-identity is always and constantly challenged by our relationships. In reality, the 7th house is helping us grow. It gives us that outside perspective we need.FullSizeRender 4

Venus retrograde, which is typically more relational than Mercury retrograde, occurs not too far down the road. My thought is this: during the month of Gemini (Mercury retrograde), we will revisit our thoughts around relationship. Then, when Venus backtracks, we’ll get to put our new ideas into practice. People will come back around and maybe we’ll find better ways to relate to them.

And let me leave you with this image (to the right). Astrologically, Venus is traveling in Cancer, but Astronomically, it is crossing the constellation of Gemini. On June 2, 2015, Venus will align with the twins (Pollux and Castor). For a few days, she’ll make them triplets! You should be able to see this 40 minutes to an hour after sunset.


Retrograde and Return

May 18, 2015

Regarding people, Astrologers often study charts for those moments when a planet returns. The most (in)famous of these is the Saturn Return.

With events, we can also study return charts that occur due to retrograde motion. The following is an example.

On January 12, 2015 at approximate 10:30 am, I was involved in an accident on I35 here in Austin. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. It did, however, trigger my PTSD and took some weeks to emotionally recover from. I learned a lot about my PTSD as a result of this experience.

The police report for that accident was issued at 11:04 am. Since that is the documented time, I have used it to cast the chart.


In this chart, Saturn is going forward at 1o 59’ 11” Sagittarius in the 8th house. The Ascendant (0o 11’ Aries) is just arc-minutes from the exact Aries Point, which is extremely significant and packs a lot of punch.

Aries rising means we have to pay attention to Mars. Mars at 0o 13’ Pisces in the 12th house had just conjuncted Nessus (a pain point), and was fixing to exactly square Saturn (an abrupt stop of forward motion). It you consider my Natal sun and moon (and a host of others) the square becomes a T-Square.

The moon and Uranus opposed each other and nearly aligned with the Lunar Nodal axis. The event was unexpected and created a strong emotional reaction. Between that and the stellium in the 12th house, it was a karmic event for me.

This morning at 4:00 am, Saturn, now retrograde, has returned to that exact location.


Notice that the Aries Point is again rising. In this chart, Mars, again the ruler of the chart, is separating from its recent opposition to Saturn and is just about to transit my Natal sun.

The sun and moon are conjunct in the 2nd house and are nearly exactly transiting my Natal moon. This event relates to my natural sense of  security (my natal moon).

And, as I mentioned yesterday, Mercury is just about to station retrograde (nearly atop my Natal Mars).

You may wonder why I even looked this stuff up. Well, Saturday, I received a letter from the other guy’s insurance company denying my claim. The letter arrived on 5/16, but I did not see it until 5/17 (yesterday).

Receiving that letter brought the whole experience back…not so much the trauma as the emotion. I felt angry, just as I did that day. I felt a sense of injustice. [Notice that Libra—the sign relating to law and justice—is the cusp of the 7th house–the house of relationship, but also open enemies.]

The situation is now about values and money—who is legally responsible and whether the repairs will be compensated or not. [This context is clearly second house, where Mars, sun and moon are located.]

In my sun sign chart, 0o 0’ Gemini is the Ascendant and 0o 0’ Sagittarius is the Descendant. Thus Saturn is transiting my horizon.

Clearly, there is work to be done. This morning I wrote my rebuttal to their denial and sent it to my insurance company and the other guy’s. During Mercury Retrograde (in Gemini), which starts this evening, we’re all going to have to revisit the claim.

You may find it interesting to know that the guy who hit me is also a Gemini.

There are many people out there who assign little worth or belief to Astrology. This accident was lost in process for months now. On the very day it comes back into my attention, and with strong emotion, I find that Saturn is in the exact same place. Mars squared Saturn when the event took place, and is now in opposition to Saturn, a very similar aspect. The correlation here is so beyond coincidence! [It has been over 4 months.]

Studying the chart(s) explains the larger lesson for me. I get it. I feel injustice in my 7th house…especially these days—not so much within my personal relationships, but within my professional ones. Notice that the Descendant separates professional (6th house) and personal (7th house).

In order for me to clean up my 10th house (career), I have to clean up my 6th and 7th, I am now understanding. I have to learn to trust people again, or at least realize that distrust is no longer serving me.

Saturn is just about to dip back into Scorpio and will remain there from June 14th (the weekend of my move) until September 17th. Processing emotion is a big part of the lesson.

When Saturn crossed my rising sign Ascendant nine years ago, my move to Austin began. Now I’m making a small move with Saturn crossing my sun sign Descendant…how intriguing!

I guess I need to pay attention in class so I can learn what Saturn is here to teach me as quickly as possible.

A Journey: One Moon to the Next

May 16, 2015

Every so often, we hear someone talk about an event that occurred many moons ago. For most of us, a month flies by pretty quickly, yet, at the same time, it can bring vast and sweeping changes. For example, one month from today, I’ll be living in a very different home.

This year, I have not been blogging as much as previous years. I have mostly focused on new and full moon charts. The next new moon (in Taurus) occurs late Sunday evening 5/17/2015 at 11:13 pm CDT.

When I looked up that chart, I noticed that it occurs about one hour before my next Lunar Return. Rather than analyze the new moon chart specifically, I’m going to look at my previous and next Lunar Return charts so you can see how and why Astrologers use them.

Every month, we each have a Lunar Return. It is the moment the moon crosses the exact position it was in when we were born. My previous Lunar Return was on April 20th. My next will happen just after midnight on May 18th.

In theory, the Lunar Return gives insight as to what one’s month is going to be like—the theme, as it were. Of course, the context is everything lunar, which is essentially: feelings, emotion, what makes us feel secure or insecure. The word self-care comes to mind. The Universe, at times, needs to remind us to take care of ourselves.LunarRet-4.20-cropped

This first chart is my April 20th Lunar Return. [Click on the image to see a larger view of it.] The ascendant nearly matched my natal chart. Saturn, in retrograde, sat prominently in the 4th house nearly opposing the moon at mid-heaven. The larger stellium sat in the 9th house.

One Astrologer would say that Saturn in the 4th house causes us to “get real regarding our home.” I would say that Saturn retrograde in the 4th house is about “fixing what’s not working well in our house and home.” Being in Sagittarius, it’s not so much about physical appliances not working, but rather how a home is not feeding the soul (with joy perhaps).

Yeah, I admit it: my current home has been a safe haven, but has not been exactly a place of joy.

A stellium in the 9th house indicates learning, learning, and more learning. Icarus and Tantalus there have been pushing me to “figure out what I want.” Jupiter in the 12th house is garbage collecting my karma—handing it to me to be transmuted.

Lilith in the first house opposing Chiron in the 7th is forcing me to deal with my (general) relationship issues. For example, at times I feel unsupported by people (in the most general terms). And, repeatedly in the past few months, I’ve had people (agents) say they would help with my search, but then fail to do so. It hurt each time, partly because I felt vulnerable knowing that I have to move and by a specific date.

One could say that Varuna in the 11th house meant I would meet and interact with many people through this process, which I have.

I can honestly say that the past month has been all of that. Now let’s look at the coming month.LunarRet-5.18-cropped

In my next Lunar Return, the larger stellium, including the sun and new moon, is in my 4th house. Mars and Mercury is a part of it. The focus will be all about my house and home. But note that Mercury will be hours from going retrograde. The theme of the month is about moving forward, but the process of doing that will entail going back over stuff.

Jupiter shows up in the 7th house. In theory, I’ll meet new people, but some could become new friends. [I am going to have a lot of new neighbors!]

Saturn, in this chart, shows up in the 10th house. I have been saying for a while now that I need to get my 4th house in order first, and then work on my 10th. I wasn’t thinking I’d get to it this soon, but maybe the next month will entail planting a few seeds for the future. Or maybe this is about getting back to work on my new book (Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome) so I can publish it early in the summer.

The last part I’ll mention is Pluto retrograde in the 12th. This whole process has been truly transformational. I don’t recognize my life as it is right now, and the big changes are still forthcoming!

I’ll go ahead and post the new moon chart as it is shifted by about one house from the above.


In this chart, the stellium shows up in the 5th house of creativity and creating. Venus sits conspicuously on the descendant.

They do say that spring is a good time to start (a) new relationship(s). With Venus in Cancer, it could be with people close to home…people we feel safe around. Wouldn’t that be nice!

About four days after the new moon, the sun will oppose Saturn exactly (5/22 @8:34 pm @ 1o 38’ Gemini/Sagittarius). Saturn in the 11th in the new moon chart sets the context as aspirations and/or peer relationships.

Those of us with late Taurus or early Gemini birthdays have Saturn opposing our Natal suns, thus relationship issues hit closer to home. [Keep in mind that a Saturn transit is a one to three year span…think general theme, not specific events.] Those with Taurus or Gemini rising may also have something similar going on.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but, as always, feel free to post questions in the comments section or via email. And, there’s nothing like personal readings to discern and illuminate the guiding messages of the stars!


May 15, 2015

In 2009, A Fool’s Journey was published. [I still have about 30 copies and am happy to give most of them away. Email me for details. You can use this version to learn how to read the Tarot.]

Four years later, I published a new and significantly updated edition entitled Journey to the Temple of Ra. My full inventory is currently on sale (click here). This story introduces us to The Journey of the Fool, which is describe as “the journey from where you are to where you want to be.”

In Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome, due out in 2015, we explore this journey from many perspectives mostly via the protagonist. [Follow Scribe on Facebook by clicking the title above or the link to the right.] Repeatedly, John is reminded about The Journey of the Fool, and is encouraged to know either where he is or where he wants to go.

At times, we lose sight of one or the other.

These years, thanks to Google Maps and smart phones, we almost always know where we are (on the globe). But how often do we get lost within our spiritual journeys?

For someone who stays home a lot, I’ve been on quite a journey. I moved into this house three and a half years ago; it feels like days. I can hardly remember what it was like in my previous place, which I lived in for five and a half years. I think that is because the last place was not a home the way this house is.

That latter part of 2013 was challenging, possibly beyond any other season here in Austin. By the onset of 2014, I asked for big changes. When you ask for anything, a journey begins. For the most part, the Universe allows us our own pace, but sometimes it forces us along. Interestingly, I will be the last person to live in this structure. In about six weeks, it will become a pile of rubble.

Austin, TX is changing more rapidly than anything I’ve ever witnessed. Some people move to the big city, but for many of us Austinites, the big city moved to us. Over the past few weeks, I’ve toured building after building in my general area that didn’t exist 3 years ago. In fact, many of them don’t show up on Google Earth yet!

The Universe basically called me on my request. “You want change,” It said, “then change.” It became clear that I am not simply moving from one address to another; I am moving into a new lifestyle. The Universe didn’t dictate which direction I would go in, It merely said, “You cannot stay here.”XII-TheHangedMan

Many choices presented themselves. I could move towards urban life or away from it. The mix that I currently have just comes as too high of a price here now. Try as I might, I could not duplicate it. I have to give up nearly half of the things I like.

The Hanged Man tells us, “Give up to gain.” By letting go of something we have, we gain the ability to acquire something we want. It looks like a trade-off, but only until we see with new eyes. [The image to the right is a scene from Journey to the Temple of Ra.]

Finding a place has been the bigger journey. Preparing to move (and downsize) is the next journey. Actually moving and getting settled in is the journey after that.

Interestingly, this matches a Mercury cycle and nearly coincides in time:

  • While Mercury moved forward through Taurus and early Gemini, I wore down the pavement looking at one place and another. It is not finalized just yet, but I have made my selection.
  • Monday (5/18/2015) Mercury stations retrograde. For three weeks and three days, Mercury will retrace his steps. During that time, I will be cleaning, clearing, selling, and giving stuff away. (I’ve already started.)
  • I have been told that my apartment will be ready for move in the very day Mercury stations direct (6/11/2015).

On June 11th, Mercury will be in the same place he was on May 4th. Then on June 26th he will enter new territory (passing where he stationed retrograde). That’s the full Mercury cycle this time around.

Although the sun will travel from Taurus to Cancer during this complete cycle, Mercury will remain in his ruling sign of Gemini the whole time. As a man born in Gemini, it thus occurs in my first house (via my sun-sign chart).

The first house is all about one’s view of oneself…one’s identity in other words. So how many of you with Gemini sun or Gemini rising are reinventing yourselves right now? Maybe you’re simply stating who you are with new words. For me, this move will likely be merely the first step of many…the first area of my life to actually change. After I release my new book, who knows what’ll be next?

When a journey is long and challenging, consider that is it not the Universe making it so. I have asked for change, but I have been resistant to change. I have been afraid of it.

In one month, I will be moving. The last time I lived in a one-bedroom apartment was 22 years ago in San Francisco. I was a very different man then. But this is not a step back…not even close. It is a step (or leap) forward. “Try it on,” the Universe is saying to me. “You’ll never know how it feels if you don’t give it a go.”

The nice thing about a Mercury cycle is that it is a quick study. Next up will be Venus—retrograde from July 25th to September 6th and almost exclusively in the sign of Leo. The previous Venus retrograde cycle in late 2013 early 2014 was hugely productive. This one takes place on both sides of my ascendant (in my rising-sign chart), so it will take my reinvention to the next level.

I am not too busy to do readings; in fact, I have more time than I did before. If you need some perspective on the changes in your life, let me know.

Jupiter (Ge)station

April 10, 2015

My intuition always leads me to the most fascinating places.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that Jupiter stationed direct in Leo on April 8, 2015. Let’s look at that chart more closely:


At the top of the chart, we have a quadruple conjunction in Aries in the 10th house:

  • Psyche @ 16o 23’
  • Uranus @ 16o 35’
  • Mercury @ 16o 58’
  • Sun @ 18o 32’

Notice that the stationing Jupiter trines all of this, and Pluto squares it. Also notice the moon-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius in the 6th house, which squares Vesta and Neptune in Pisces. One last thing I’ll mention is that Icarus is fixing to exactly conjunct the South Node, which happens a few of days later (tomorrow maybe).

From that moment, Jupiter travels direct for precisely nine months before stationing retrograde on January 7, 2016:


Notice that many of the same players are involved. For example, the sun will have moved from a conjunction with Uranus to a conjunction with Pluto. Saturn will again have a partner, except this time it will be Venus. The stationing Jupiter is conjunct the North Node of the moon, and square to the moon itself, which is again in Sagittarius.

When Jupiter starts his journey forward, he is in Leo and the sun (ruler of Leo) is nearly straight up in the sky. The majority of points are above the horizon and there is a concentration of energy joining Uranus. The April 8th chart feels insightful, inspirational, energetic, and stimulating. To use a computer (Uranus) analogy: our batteries are being fully charged and our operating system is being upgraded.

The faster moving sun, only two days earlier, picked up all of Uranus’ insight. Mercury followed in his footsteps to catch anything the sun missed—Mercury joined Uranus hours before the Jupiter station and met the sun the next day.

The moon-Saturn conjunction in the 6th house provides a bit of practical and constructive homework—a place to channel some of that abundant energy.

When the journey ends, the sun will have traipsed three quarters of the Zodiac. Notice that the sun was (almost exactly) two degrees past Uranus when we started and will be (almost exactly) 2 degrees past Pluto when we finish. Nine lunar cycles will have transpired and right when Jupiter stations retrograde, he rises (here in Austin). All of the energy we gained from Uranus will be colored by Pluto nine months later.

Some humans will be conceived when Jupiter stations direct, and be born when Jupiter stations retrograde. Remember that Leo (via the 5th house) relates to progeny, which includes actual children, but also (inanimate) creations.

It is fitting that the first chart shows the sun and Uranus high in the sky with Jupiter going forward, while the second chart shows the sun and Pluto nearer the nadir with Jupiter going backward.

Uranus and Pluto both relate to spiritual growth and evolution. With Pluto, however, the journey feels like regression.

According to many Astrologers, the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square are really just beginning, now that the actual squares are done. How interesting that Jupiter’s first journey forward, after the last exact Uranus-Pluto square, has the sun moving from the one planet to the other.

Jupiter’s journey starts four days after the end of an Eclipse window, and ends with Jupiter conjunct the North Node. This gives insight as to its purpose: we are being guided toward our future karma—to a place we have been seeking for a long time. The journey lasts the rest of this year. Maybe it is what all of 2015 is really about.

In our first chart, Chiron sits closest to the MC, coloring the entire chart from above. In our second chart, Chiron sits closest to our DSC, has just set, and is sextile the sun.

Psyche, which was part of the quadruple conjunction in the first chart, is the only object near the MC in the second, and is exactly opposed by Saturn (and Venus). Psyche represents a (spiritual) wound that feels unhealable. Chiron says, “It may take a bit of effort (attention and intention), but the wound can be healed.” Psyche remains high in the sky, but moves from the fires of Aries to the mental space of Gemini.

Maybe the point is not to try and make the wound go away, but rather to work with it, to learn from it, and to see it for what it really is: a mental contruct that need not prevent us from going where we want to go. Fire burns, but we can learn how to use it without burning ourselves or others.

[The Universe gives us the freedom to think, feel, and believe as we choose, yet we needn’t burn ourselves or others with those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.]

To conclude, let’s for a moment imagine that this is all true. Two days ago, we were gifted with energy and insight…beyond our knowing. We commenced a journey that intends to help us heal our most stubborn wound…our greatest blocks to self-esteem and self love. The next nine months are the gestational period; we will not see the smiling face of our new-born until the journey is over, but we will see evidence that he or she is growing inside of us.

The birth itself can be painful and the pregnancy will have taken its toll on our bodies. Afterward, our life will never be the same.

But now envision the bundle of love you’ll hold in your arms. Think how wonderful life will be with an ever-growing body of self-esteem and self-love to cherish. The joy and love you feel for it will be contagious. All who look upon your progeny will feel a bit of what you feel.

What will you do then? Where will you go? What will you create after that?

Royal Flush

April 9, 2015

You know how, in Sci-Fi movies, there’s often that super bright scientist who’s on the brink of a scientific breakthrough? His theory is advanced, but not exactly safe. He’s eager to share his findings, but must test on a human to prove his results. Since it is not appropriate to risk another person’s life, he experiments with his own.

In many ways, I’m that guy…not so much the super bright scientist, but one who experiments on himself. My Numerology and Astrology explains some of this. My Life Path number is a one, so I am naturally inclined to learn by observing myself. And since I have a stellium of personal planets in the 10th house, my findings are meant to be seen by others.

I guess that does make me a bit of a fool.

In any event, my writings (this blog and my novels) are avenues for sharing my results. We won’t call them conclusions, but rather findings.

Today, I was looking into a personal transit that is imminent (my Venus return). One thing led to another and soon I noticed a pattern. The interesting part is the pattern applies to everyone in one way or another. So here I am to write about it.

You may or may not know that yesterday, Jupiter stationed direct at 12o 35’ Leo. Jupiter will now whip through the rest of Leo until slipping into Virgo on August 10th.

Sixteen days before Jupiter leaves Leo (on 7.25.15) Venus will station retrograde at 0o 46’ Virgo. She will then backtrack through Leo until stationing direct on 9.6.15 at 14o 24’ Leo.

This means that both Jupiter and Venus are working on the same area of the sky. Each touches part of Leo three times:

  • Jupiter: 12o 35’ Leo – 22o 38’ Leo
  • Venus: 14o 24’ Leo – 0o 46’ Virgo

And the sections overlap:

  • 14o 24’ Leo – 22o 38’ Leo

Furthermore, Venus and Jupiter will conjunct three times:

  • June 30th @ 21o 38’ Leo
  • August 4th @ 28o 36’ Leo, and
  • October 25th @ 15o 39’ Virgo.

The June conjunction will be conspicuous in the evening sky. October’s conjunction will be conspicuous in the early pre-dawn morning. The conjunction in August is very close to the sun and might be hard to see.

Interestingly, the sun, Mercury, and Mars will all move through Leo in that time frame. Pretty much all of the personal planets are involved!

If you follow your own Astrology, look up the overlapping range I calculated above. Where in your chart is that? Does it include an angle? Don’t forget to look at your sun-sign chart too!

If you are a Leo born between 8/6 and 8/15, your sun falls inside of that range. And if you’re born five days before or after, you’re easily within orb.

Many of my friends were also born with Leo Rising, and therefore many of us have our Ascendant inside or near this range.

So let’s consider what this could mean.

Leo covers topics such as ego, appearance, creativity, progeny (including offspring), self-esteem, and personality. Leo is regal and tends to attract a lot of attention, which is both sought and enjoyed. The sun is the largest object in our solar system by far, and is the brightest source of light. Life could not exist without it.

In other words, Leo is a big deal!

In one school of thought, those of us with Leo Rising have received (earned perhaps?) a bit of help. We struggle with self-esteem a bit more than most, and thus Leo on the cusp of our 1st house is here to help us gain a bit of esteem in a pinch.

As a Leo Rising, I find the help to be a bit (or bout) of faux esteem. Because I can naturally fake it at times, I begin to see what it looks like. Eventually, I get to know what it feels like. Hopefully, my esteem will grow as a result. Given my experience, I have to agree that Leo Rising is training wheels for my esteem. [Maybe when I progress into Leo, I’ll begin to take those training wheels off!]

Since one ought to also consider the sun-sign chart as well, I’ll discuss mine.

As a Gemini, Leo also comprises my 3rd house: my neighborhood, my thoughts and ideas, my language and communication. Interestingly, as I search for a new home, I find the neighborhood to be priority. I’d rather live in a shack in a nice neighborhood (like I do now), than live in a luxurious house in a not-so-nice one.

[As a progressed Cancer, how the inside feels is also important. How the outside looks is not so important.]

Considering that Leo is both the cusp of my first house, and my 3rd house, I just now gained insight on the relationship between my writing and my self-esteem. Wow—I need to sit and meditate on this information for a while!

Anyway, Leo, for me, is about my relationship to myself (via the 1st house) and my relationship to my writing, my thoughts, my communication, and my peers (my brothers and sisters of all kinds) via the 3rd house.

Jupiter, every 12 years, touches on Leo, attracting attention to our Leo areas, bringing some good luck in the process.

Venus is about our relationship to money (via rulership of the 2nd house) and our relationship to relationship (via rulership of the 7th house). She is also about our relationship to love (of all kinds).

Interestingly, Venus very closely relates to self-esteem (1st house) because she rules the house that comes after it, and the house that opposes it.

When we love ourselves, we are better able to give and receive love with others. And when our esteem is good, we are better able to give and receive money!

For me (as a Gemini with Leo Rising), Jupiter and Venus are going to help me work on (and develop) self-esteem directly (via my 1st house) and with my writing via my 3rd house. Adding in Saturn’s influence, I’m sure this pending move is a part of the complete picture.

I think a number of you will be able to run with what I gave you here and hopefully find insight within your own chart. Either way, keep in mind this could make for a great session and may provide insight on the purpose of the next 5 months. Shoot me an email if you want to explore. There’s plenty of time before Venus goes retrograde, so no rush…

Big Hugs to all!


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