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Double Red

July 15, 2015
Battle of the red planets: Mars opposite Pluto

Battle of the red planets: Mars opposite Pluto

I spent all morning working on a New Moon Astrology post, tried three times, then ultimately decided to give up. I looked at all the information and found myself saying, “Who cares?” and, “What’s the point?”

I walked away from the computer and started doing errands. It then occurred to me that I did have something I could write about. These days, I can’t do anything that has no meaning to me personally. I’d rather stay home and keep silent.

Pluto is all about depth and meaning…not ‘meaning’ as in ‘definition’, but true meaning (with a little ‘t’). True meaning (with a little ‘t’) is personal. Symbols have definition, but what they mean to each of us is individual.

Mercury is about communication (conveying ideas). Mars is about expression (what one does with passion). Both are in homey, cuddly, expressive, emotional Cancer.

Mercury-Mars conjunction opposite Pluto illustrates how difficult it is to muster the energy to do or say anything when it has no meaning. [This reflects my personal plight because today is my Progressed Mars Return.]

Alternatively, if one has strong conviction (strong purpose), he or she has additional energy—Pluto adds to Mars rather than taking away from it.

Look around and notice that the ones doing and saying are the ones convicted. The ones holding their peace are the ones conflicted.

The New Moon ties in with all of this…thus carrying it over into this new lunar month (and sun ingress Leo). Some years, Leo can be like a cat sleeping in the sunlight. This year, I think it’ll be more like a restless kitten clawing away at the furniture.

Saturn, by the way, is almost as deep into Scorpio as it will get. In 2-1/2 weeks, it’ll station direct and work its way back into Sagittarius. The sting is strong, but its days are numbered.

Sometimes we fight because we’re angry—other times because we feel threatened. It’s more fun to fight for something we believe in and most rewarding to fight for something (someone) we love.

Here’s a very cool video of the New Horizons fly by:

What’s in a Name

July 10, 2015

Last weekend, I received an interesting reaction to the title of my new novel: Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome. It was primarily a facial expression, but it stuck with me.

Two years ago, I was struggling with titles for my books. The first version of my first novel was called A Fool’s JourneyTo me, the title was perfect. The Major Arcana of the Tarot is called The Journey of the Fool, since the Fool is the start. My story illustrated the whole deck, and was thus a fool’s journey, as in one example.

Unfortunately, most people didn’t seem to get it. They think of fool as an idiot, rather than one who proceeds without caution or concern.

When I finally arrived at Journey to the Temple of Ra, I was VERY happy. That moment in the book is a significant turning point for John. Thus the majority of his journeying is about getting to that temple.

When I chose the title for the second book, I wanted something that was congruent.

  • Journey…to the…Temple…of Ra
  • Scribe…to the…Pantheon…of Rome

The Pantheon is another temple after all.

I didn’t choose Journey to the Pantheon of Rome, because Rome (and the Pantheon temple) are not so much a destination…merely an unexpected stop on the way.

To me, the title chosen is pertinent and cleaver, but unfortunately might be beyond what most will understand.

For example, scribe is a verb as much as it is a noun. [“To scribe” means to write.] “Pantheon” is the name of a temple in Rome, but it is also the term used to describe the entire collection of Roman Gods. So the title of my 2nd book has two distinct and pertinent meanings. John writes his way along a journey to the temple in Rome called the Pantheon (and beyond). John is also a writer for a collection of “gods”. So you see, the title is significant either way you look at it.

Not that you asked, but now you know.


July 6, 2015

In last week’s blog post, I asked for feedback and got some. I still welcome more. If you have thoughts or opinions about my book(s), my blog, my readings, or my ideas, you are welcome to share…publically or privately.

One thing I now understand is this: for many, it was never very clear what kind of book Journey to the Temple of Ra is. For example, one reader asked why I did not advertise the book as containing channeled material within it. Further surprise was the exploration of sexuality, relationship, and sexual orientation.

Then there is the unobvious difference in my blog writing and my books. I’m sure some of the style overlaps, but in my mind, my books are quite different, or at least bring something very different to the table. Maybe some of you have other opinions on how the one body of writing compares to the other.

Another straight up question I received was: “Who was the audience you wrote for?”—which is one I cannot easily answer.

To rectify this, I offered a full 50% of the book as a free ebook excerpt a while ago. Interestingly, not a single request came through.

This time, I have decided to publish an excerpt of Scribe directly on my blog. If you are viewing this on my blog itself, you can see the tab at the top right. You can also click here to get to it.

Scribe to the Temple of Ra, as the sequel to Ra, does not hold back as much. From the excerpt above, you get a clear picture of the material and subject matter of the book.

There is still much to be gained in terms of information for me. So I again ask and encourage feedback. For example:

  • How many of you simply have no interest in reading an ebook (free or otherwise)?
  • How many of you would consider buying or have interest in buying Scribe as a paperback book?

I am tempted to ask more specific questions about my blog writing, but I suspect many would not feel comfortable sharing that level of feedback to me or you would have already. [The few that have say my writing and the subject matter is too difficult to understand.]

I am sure there is an audience out there for me—for my blog writing and my books, which may not be the same audience. I’m not sure how to effectively reach that audience.

And maybe I am better suited for something very different than what I’m doing. Do you have any ideas! Ha ha.

If nothing else, feel free to peruse the excerpt

And if you prefer that I publish an excerpt of Ra on my blog as well, I am happy to do that.

Twin Flames

July 1, 2015

For me personally, June 30, 2015 is a day I will not easily forget. It started that way…and ended that way. [And it was one second longer than any other day.]

First the news…my news: yesterday morning I published the Kindle edition of my all new inspirational, metaphysical novel called Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome. It is available for purchase and download now on for $9.99.



Chapter 7

This book is possibly my single most significant accomplishment of the past ten years. I didn’t just write it, I created the illustrations as well, some of which are in full color [For example, the picture to the right.] It brings with it much of what I have learned in these past eight years while in Austin, not just metaphysically, but about life, relationship, and me.

Before publishing Scribe, I uploaded a new edition of Journey to the Temple of Ra. This edition has corrections, a new Prologue, an extended excerpt of Scribe at the end, and a new lower price of $3.33.

Scribe is the sequel to Ra and is its Twin Flame, but I don’t believe it is necessary to read Ra first (or at all) to enjoy Scribe.

Some of you may have started with A Fool’s Journey, the earlier version of Journey to the Temple of Ra, which was release in 2009. If that is all you’ve read, then you’ve waited a long time for the continuation of the tale. Scribe picks up on the very next day (after AFJ and Ra ends).

From THE ONE in Egypt, to the City of Seven Hills, THEY have lined up to be heard. The time is right to recount sacred wisdom of old.

For a young man, who endured a difficult childhood, a Journey to the Temple of Ra unveiled previously hidden spiritual gifts. However, finding purpose is challenge enough, then one is called upon to live it.

Though it may seem he is abandoned at times, his guides are ever-present and supporting him from behind the scenes. A new course is laid out and a new journey ensues. This time, spiritual teachers employ Numerology, Sacred Geometry, and more to convey guidance and wisdom each step of the way.

Will his tenacity hold? Can he endure another journey? Does he have what it takes to be a Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome?

Now I am going to share something with you. I first started writing Scribe in 2010. The five years since have been difficult…professionally, personally, and otherwise. To date, I have not recouped my cost on Journey to the Temple of Ra. I have received little public review. All of my attempts to market the material have been abject failures. I know a handful of you out there really liked the story, but that’s it.

The following of this blog appears to have dropped off significantly. In fact, I get nearly no reaction from any of my posts anywhere publicly. And my metaphysical services business has not only not grown, but has dwindled to almost nothing.

Given all of the indicators, I am not sure I will do any of this work much longer. I’m not even sure I will publish a print edition of Scribe as that will take more money and a lot more effort. If you’re the type that only likes to read print books (as I mostly am), and you really want to read this story that way, please let me know. Better yet, do so publically on Facebook, Twitter, my blog, etc.

To date, only 5 people have liked my Facebook page for the new book, which has been up for months. [The Facebook page for Ra only has 35 likes after 2 years.] After two months of marking, I have only gained 2 Twitter followers. I have only 4 reviews of Ra, and one of them was my editor, so that doesn’t count.

I’m not asking for you to like something you don’t like, but if you do like my work on any level and want it to continue, I really need your feedback.

Waiting for Venus and Jupiter to peek through the clouds.

Waiting for Venus and Jupiter to peek through the clouds.


Nearly full moon in late Sagittarius

Back to the more optimistic. Last night’s stellar display was amazing! The intermittent clouds added mystery and intrigue. I really hope you got to see Venus and Jupiter so close together in the evening sky. I’m not sure if they are truly Twin Flames, but last night, they sure did look like it. If you did not get to see them, try again tonight and for the next number of days. They are separating, but still close.

The moon was amazing last night too…and is full tonight. The Full Moon sits very close to Pluto, so there is added intensity beyond the norm. The sun opposes Pluto in five days, and Mars opposes Pluto in two weeks. This Full Moon kicks off an intense, transformational fortnight. A post I saw recently is apropos and went something like this:

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

Those of you in the USA, enjoy the holiday weekend! Love and Hugs to all of you!

Ever Expanding

June 10, 2015

Tomorrow evening just past 5:30 CDT, Mercury ends his backward motion. Those of you who have been holding your breath can inhale deeply once again. :-)

Remember when I said that Mercury Retrograde was helping Saturn backtrack into Scorpio? Well here is more evidence: the chart below, which is based on the moment Mercury stations, features Scorpio on the Ascendant and Saturn in the first house. Mercury sits in the 7th house…the partnership position. [I didn’t draw all of the houses, just the vertical and horizontal axes.]


Thanks to Venus and Vesta, we have a complete kite, illustrated by the shaded area. Kites are one of my favorite Astrological configurations. They are as productive as oppositions and squares, but are so much easier to move through. This is the way evolution and growth should be (and could be?).

[By the way, the moon conjuncted Vesta today right when Mercury made a sextile to Venus. Then the moon conjuncts Uranus tomorrow right about when Mercury stations.]

The other day, after witnessing the marriage of my friends, I had a visualization come to me in a dream. So often, religious guidance around marriage entails strong dos and don’ts, shoulds and shouldn’ts…in other words: obligation. In my opinion, making decisions based solely on obligation is the fastest way to find unhappiness.

So what would I say to a couple embarking on a marriage? My dream recommended this:

We are told by science that we live in an ever-expanding universe. In that model, any two objects will be slowly pulled apart as the space in between them expands. So how can two individuals, who share close intimacy now, hope to maintain that intimacy and closeness going forward? Through obligatory obeyance? Probably not.

The way to maintain closeness within a relationship (or in any life situation) is to grow along with the expansion of the space around you. If the space between you expands by a foot, then each of you needs to grow six inches to stay just as close—like so:


This, of course, is an analogy, but a really good one. Furthermore, consider this: some think that we are here in human form to learn lessons. I’ve seen it said that lessons keep returning until we get them (and pass the test).

I now think of it like this: when we expand, we move into territory we have not occupied before. We are not learning lessons like school children learning to multiply, we are acclimating to something new, something we’ve never experienced before…at least not precisely. (I have to say, this way of thinking feels so much better to me. What do you think?)

Mercury oppositing Saturn will certainly bring up the subject of obligation, obeying rules, and keeping vows. Mercury wants freedom while Saturn wants responsibility. Venus and Vesta completes the picture by reminding us that dedication (Vesta) is born of love (Venus). Returning to love when it’s lost may require loving self first, which both Aries and Leo support.

In response to my musing, my guides reminded me of a conversation between John and his Guru in chapter 10 of Swords of my novel Journey to the Temple of Ra:

[Guru says:] “My boy, the Perfection of the Universe is difficult to see. To the uninitiated, it can materialize as an arduous task or a poignant challenge. You see only what was taken, not what was given in its place.”

“Even so, did it have to be like that?” [John asks.]

“It was not the way it hadto have been, nor the way it was supposed to have been, yet it was perfect the way it was nevertheless.”

“I guess the first problem is fearing men like that to begin with…and the second problem…is feeling violated by their actions.”

“I would say the first problem is believing there is a problem, and the second problem is experiencing that belief over and over again. Your fear is not the problem; it is there to show you your innermost thoughts. The entire Universe conspires to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. It is not wrong to be where you are, but it is an illusion to think you are someplace else.”

To purchase my book, click here.


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