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Boys will be Boys

March 26, 2015

I have not been blog writing much, despite the intriguing Astrological aspects that have occurred. I’ve been preoccupied by personal and professional endeavors. One example is this: I recently chose a person to preview Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome to get early feedback. She is more than half way through and had this to say about it:

Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome_FrontCover600dpi-2x3With that said, I have been able to get back into the book, and I can hardly put it down. The level of detail, not only with the layers of numerology (which is incredible), but the descriptions of locations and how it ALL ties together is incredible and unbelievable and makes perfect sense all at the same time. I am in the 8s right now and am not sure which I like more – the plot line or the channelings.

Today I was inspired to write a blog post and lo and behold, the Astrology is speaking to me.

I’m sure that many of you who read A Fool’s Inclination read other Astrology blogs as well. So, to keep things interesting, I will write about something other than the big stuff. Trust me, the big stuff (the Equinox, the Solar Eclipse, the Pluto-Uranus Square, etc.) do pertain, and in a big way. I am simply choosing to focus on the subtle because I am tuned into it right now.

The chart I will focus on is the moment when Mercury joins Icarus:mercury_conj_icarus

Mercury and Icarus have a lot in common. They both carry that young, somewhat male vibe. They are both moving quickly forward; Mercury is just a bit faster. Tomorrow morning, they meet in the last third of Pisces.

Mercury rules Gemini—the twins. Pisces also features twins—a pair of fish. Mercury and Icarus are playing the role of twin boys—swimming through the water and flying through the air.

Let’s take a step back and examine the entire chart. Notice that there are four squares that weave across the chart. All of the squares are between major planets:

  • Saturn square Neptune
  • Pluto square Uranus
  • Sun square moon
  • Venus square Jupiter

In this chart, all of them are separating except for Venus and Jupiter. And let’s face it, with Venus and Jupiter, it’s not much of a “square”.

The overall background from the four squares, as I see it, is the easing of tension, the solving of problems. It’s not a time of breakthrough, but rather a step-by-step movement toward solution. This matches my life, except the step-by-step is nearly glacial and frustratingly so.

Next, look at the trines and sextiles. They too weave themselves across the chart. I’ll list the trines here:

  • Saturn trine sun
  • Pluto trine Venus
  • Uranus trine Jupiter

Again, Venus is the only applying aspect of the three and all trines are between major players.

Another artifact of this chart I find interesting is that four planets are in their sign of rulership:

  • Mars in Aries
  • Venus in Taurus
  • Moon in Cancer
  • Neptune in Pisces

When planets are in their sign of rulership, the energy feels clean and clear. It does feel that way right now; do you agree? It didn’t even a week ago, but today, certainly.

Note how active Venus is. She is also the ruler of the chart (being that Taurus is on the Ascendant).

The chart is very heavy in Pisces and Aries…and this is possibly the thing I feel the most. Also consider that the sign of Aries is intercepted within the 12th house, which essentially hides all of that Aries energy under the sea.

Earlier this morning, before perusing Astrology charts, I had the following sentiment on my mind:

Endings and beginning are overlapping.

Take, for example, the seasons. Here in Austin, we had a bout of spring in early February. We then had a long bout of winter; trees and flowers bloomed beneath cold, gloomy skies. The past few weeks have been back and forth between warm, almost hot, sunny days, and cool, wet, gloomy ones. Winter and Spring are definitely overlapping.

The sign of Aries hidden inside of the 12th house is sort of what y’all up north are experiencing. It is officially spring, there are more than six hours of sunlight, the clocks were moved ahead, maybe even some flowers are blooming, but it still feels like the middle of winter.

In Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome, there is talk about gateways. One gateway is that which sits between an ending and a beginning—such as when a person leaves one job and starts another. In a perfect world, that gateway would look like so:

  1. We would know where we are going before having to let go of where we are.
  2. We would finish the old with a clean and clear completion.
  3. We would have a break to enjoy some rest and reprieve.
  4. We would start the new with a clean and clear beginning.

Right now, at least for me, this phase does not resemble that ideal in the slightest.

I mentioned a bit ago that I need to move. I need to find a new home (or at least be out of this one) before the summer solstice. It’s nice having a few months to do this, but it muddies the waters. This house is already starting to not be my home. I’m like a lame duck. I can’t start packing or “moving forward” because I have no idea where or when I’m going.

A few days ago, I asked the Tarot cards what I can do to prepare. What I pulled was the 5 of Cups: mourning. How does one do that?

Well, thankfully, the Universe is much smarter than I am. I was guided right into the process I needed within hours.

As you know, I am primping and polishing Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome preparing it for release. That means I am reading it over and over and over. The book is filled with channeled wisdom—I guess I need to hear it over and over and over.

Like Mercury, I can be a very good messenger, but like Icarus, I am not a very good student. You can tell me 100 times not to fly too high too quickly, but will I listen? My natal chart has Venus in Taurus. When it comes to the things I love and the things I find beautiful, I get stubborn and possessive. In fact, in my natal chart, Venus is conjunct Icarus (and the moon, and a bunch others). I don’t have Mars in Aries, like this chart, but I do have Mars in Gemini, which is similar.

But enough about me.

Look at your life. Do you feel like your spring is buried under the snow? Do you feel inclined to do, yet find that the environment is just not letting you? Are you rearing to start anew, yet find the old dragging you back repeatedly?

If so, then you too are feeling the vibe I am seeing in the current Astrology. I think the message here is this: we need to tend to our feelings. That’s the spring-cleaning we need to do first.

I’m sure many of you are like me; you’d rather get on with it than sit and wait. When you know you have work to do, it’s hard to relax. I, for one, am having difficulty enjoying this time of ease knowing I’ll have LOTS to do…imminently.

But the heart needs some TLC…at least mine does. Moon in Cancer is not just about nurturing others, but also nurturing ourselves. Check in with your heart. If you can’t do…out there, maybe you need to be…in here. And don’t forget that we are in between the eclipses. They always come in twos or threes—and thus demark a gateway.

Intention holds more power than action…or so I am told. Actually, I DO know this, but like I said, I’m a bad student. Intention requires NO action…it prefers inaction. The most productive intention is that which is clean and clear.

The Astrology right now, is working on us; it is helping us get clean and clear…from the inside out.

To me, the message is clear. And I am trying to get out of my own way, but old habits die hard.

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Try it before you Buy it

March 21, 2015

As I’m finishing up the final details on my new novel,JourneyToTheTempleOfRa_Lighter_300dpi-2x3 I was inspired to give away e-book excerpts of Journey to the Temple of Raa full 50% of the book (Parts I – III). Here are the details for receiving a free e-book excerpt:

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I will likely extend a similar offer with the Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome (except the excerpt will likely only contain the first two chapters). Check back here or my website for details!

Thanks, and Happy Spring!

Pluto Rising

March 8, 2015

The last Pluto-Uranus square occurs in eight days. After that, it’s over. The next square between these two won’t happen until 2073. Aspects like this mark eras. It may take some time before we fully understand this one.

We now, however, have an understanding of what the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in the 60s brought. The last exact conjunction occurred on June 30, 1966—two years before I was born. In my natal chart, Uranus is nearly five degrees ahead of Pluto. Interestingly, the small gap between them is very pertinent to me right now.

Pluto transits take a long time. Like the aspects above, they’re hard to fully understand until we can look back on them. Progressions are similar. The progressed chart evolves very slowly; in one year, the chart changes as much as one day of real time. There is a fractal nature here: Astrologers can glimpse the first 100 years of your life by studying the first 100 days of your life.

Consider the following example. On September 20, 2010, my progressed Ascendant met up with my Progressed Pluto. The days and years before that, progressed Pluto was in my first house. The days and years after, progressed Pluto will be in my 12th house. (The progressed chart rotates clockwise, which causes most points to move retrograde.)

Progressed Uranus is currently in the first degrees of my first house. It will not rise above my progressed Ascendant until August 1, 2017. My progressed Ascendant will thus separate the two for seven years. Hold that thought.

In 2010, I don’t remember paying mind to my progressions…at least not closely. Today, on this first day of Daylight Savings Time, it occurred to me to investigate. Before I share the results, I want to give you a bit of context.

Three or four weeks ago, a random Tarot reading told me I was going to be moving soon. The message came out of the blue. About a week later, I was given unofficial notice that the property where I live is being sold. Luckily I have a few months before I need to move.

My time in this house is drawing to a close. I’ve been here for just over 3 years. This house has felt like home orders of magnitude more than the previous. I was happy to move the last time. This time, it comes with a bit of sadness.

And like the distance between Pluto and Uranus, I am in between the beginning of the journey and the end of it. I don’t know yet where I’ll be living next.

This morning, I decided to look back at what was happening in my life around the Autumnal Equinox of 2010. What I found was astonishing! Allow me to paint a timeline for you.

In 2006, I started writing my first novel. In May of 2009, it was published the first time—under the name A Fool’s Journey. Shortly after it came out, I realized it was not right…it was not done. I knew that it needed some changes.

Some time in 2010, I started making those changes. In fact, I finished the next edition right around September 2010! I then immediately started writing my next novel.

Progressed Pluto meeting my progressed Ascendant thus fell right in between the completion of the first story and the start of the next!JourneyPromoAd-12.00

And now for some news. As you know, the finished out version of my first novel is called Journey to the Temple of Ra. I am sure many of you have not yet read it. Now is a great time, because the sequel is coming out soon. I have a box of books I would love to sell so I don’t have to move them. I am therefore running a sale: print edition of Ra for $12.00 +tax & shipping (while supplies last).

Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome picks up the story on the very next day. The e-book will be available in the spring. [I am not sure about the print edition just yet.]  In Ra, the protagonist embarks a journey that leads him to his life purpose. In Scribe, he has to live that purpose, which is not a trivial feat.

The channeled material in my books is…well…channeled. To borrow a line from my protagonist: “I’m not the author, just the scribe.”

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

In Scribe, which is structured around numerology, there is a discussion of “the journey of seven.” Within that discussion, it points out that it takes seven steps to go from the Death card in the Tarot to Judgement. The Death card—number XIII, relates to Pluto. Judgement—number XX, which is sometimes called Resurrection, relates to Uranus. Seven steps from death to rebirth.

For me, it will take seven years for my progressed chart to put Uranus back in the same Astrological house as Pluto. I have two and a have years more. Leaving this home is another small death.

The move into this house marked a profound shift in my life. I can only discern the magnitude by comparing how different it feels. Within weeks, it was hard to remember what it felt like living in the old place. It felt more like a dream than a memory.

Furthermore, each of the three years here has been vastly different than the previous. It is almost like I’m dying and being reborn yearly.

Publishing Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome will be an ending and a beginning; I’m just not sure what is ending and what is beginning. Maybe it will take progressed Uranus crossing my progressed Ascendant for all of the changes within me to appear outwardly. In the mean time, you’ll be able to benefit from my journey by reading about the life and times of John and Johannes.

The Spring Equinox approaches. I will be living somewhere new before the Summer Solstice. Hopefully by then, some of you will have read and enjoyed my new work. Check back here, Facebook, or my website for details. And notice that I have new places to visit! Follow the links on the right to get there.

If you have read and enjoyed Ra, feel free to share your thoughts and post a review on Amazon here.

Virgo Full Moon

March 5, 2015

As an Intuitive Astrologer, I spend a fair amount of time doing psychic research. To give you an idea of what this is like, imagine you are sitting in a room that is completely dark. Someone then places an object in your hand. You feel the weight of it and consider what it is. You run your fingers over the surface, and feel it. You run through your memories pondering what you’ve felt in the past that was similar, and you speculate what is inside.

I do this with astrological objects and aspects. Over time, I have developed a catalog. However, there is much yet to be figured out.

Today is the Virgo Full Moon, which contrasts two very different vibrations. Pisces is a sign I know intimately. I understand the sun sign, the moon sign, the rising sign. I have had an extensive study.

Virgo is clear enough as a sun sign, but Virgo Moon still eludes me. My mind can create a basic picture, but I still can’t feel its core.

I bring this up because today’s full moon chart highlights this very situation. The full moon nearly conjuncts Lilith. This means the moon is just past apogee—is furthest from the earth. We often hear of the supermoons; this one is the exact opposite.


Lilith conjunct the moon is enough to create a mystery. I have this in my natal chart, and I’m still analyzing it and working through it.

Now look at all the other participants. Pluto, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter all hover around 15o of their respective signs creating a Square, a Yod, a Wedge, a pair of Trines, and more. The last Pluto-Uranus square of my lifetime is just more than a week away, and this full moon aligns with it.

Over the past few weeks, I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted to write a blog and didn’t. Sometimes I sit and stare at the chart while no words come. Other times, I write for hours to no avail. The Virgo moon is something I can intellectualize, but not feel. The stellium in Pisces is exactly the opposite. I can feel it strongly, but cannot easily articulate the big picture.

On top of all of that, it has had its way with me…with my emotions.

I suspect that the Virgo moon is holding in a lot of the Pisces feeling. It’s the cork on a champagne bottle. Little by little, that cork is losing its stronghold. I suspect the solar eclipse on the equinox in two weeks just might be the end of its reign.

If you are inclined toward chart reading, check out the mid-heaven in this chart. Icarus is on one side; Nessus is on the other.

Like the Pisces Sun and the Virgo Moon, I am gaining much insight into Icarus, and lagging way behind with Nessus. Icarus, as I mentioned, plays very heavily in my chart and in my life. He is here to help me work through the next item on my list. It’s not about healing the past; it is about living more authentically as the person I am.

You’ve heard me refer to Nessus as a pain point. Icarus is kind of, sort of, the opposite of that.

If you have a sore and someone pokes it, you feel pain. But if they stop, the pain (often eventually) goes away. Icarus is…forgive my analogy…an erogenous point. However, it doesn’t need to be urged into ecstasy. The slightest touch sends you to the heavens.

Icarus in Pisces is entertaining to consider. I am sure it would be even more so to observe. Emotional joy and bliss are oh so nice to behold and experience, but they can be addicting.

The lesson Icarus is here to teach us is to s l o w   d o w n…not stop…not run away; temper.

We’ve all seen the type: the ones prone to love at first sight. They meet someone; they chase; they post on Facebook that they are “in a relationship” after mere days. And then, overnight, it is all undone.

The twenty-something version of me resembled that. The rise was fast, and although the crash was fast too, the recovery period lasted a year or longer.

A twenty-something can endure a few rounds of that, but not a body that is twice that age.

How many of you are wearing yourselves out? This technological revolution we are in the middle of is pushing us harder than ever. Information flies around the globe in an instant, and we’re all trying to catch up or keep up. The pace can be exciting. Our wants can be had in an instant. But if we can’t learn to appreciate the now and what’s right in front of us, we are going to wear ourselves out.

The Aries Point (0o Aries) is a formidable degree. Right now, we have a stellium on one side and a stellium on the other. The planets in Aries have clean clear archetypes. Those in Pisces are more of a blur, with the exception of the sun. Again we have some interesting contrast.

For nearly a week, I have been calm. I took a few spins around the Wheel of Fortune and decided to get off of it. Icarus’ guidance to slow down helped. With the moon in Virgo, I do feel quite grounded, yet I am still aware of all of the emotion around me.

For those of you who celebrate events with a bit of ritual, feel the groundedness of this full moon. Tune your extra senses to the earth…all the way to its core. Enjoy a moment of reprieve, especially if they are hard to come by in your life.

In two days, the sun will cross over Chiron. In two weeks, the moon will cross over Chiron just before the solar eclipse. There is transformation within reach for many of us in at least one or two areas of our lives. Be present, for a moment; be acutely aware of where you are; and consider where you are going.

We live in exciting times. I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. Pace yourself.

Aquari-Pisces New Moon

February 14, 2015

On February 18th, the sun and moon will rise in Aquarius and set in Pisces—for half of the US anyway. At 5:47 pm CST, the moon and sun will meet at 29 Aquarius 59. By 5:48, the moon will enter Pisces and before 5:49, the sun will. I think this is as cuspy a new moon as is possible.

I chose to cast a chart for that tiny moment between the new moon in Aquarius, and the moon’s ingress into Pisces. It shows that, technically speaking, this is our second new moon in Aquarius—not our first new moon in Pisces. [The next new moon is a solar eclipse that occurs one hour before the equinox. Whoa Nelly!]


The angles of this chart are almost precisely the same as my natal chart. I have a feeling that some of y’all will experience a bit of the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on.

Take, for example, Icarus at 25o Aquarius and less than 2o above the western horizon. Y’all know the story about the overly ambitious boy who flew too close to the sun and then paid the price when he crashed down to earth. I so wanted to write about that last weekend. I noticed it too late (and was falling from the sky at time). The fact that Icarus is setting in this chart tells me to write about it now. (And hopefully the worst of that is over.)

Let me share with you that chart from last week. It so stunned me, I stared at it agape for minutes. I cannot tell you how precisely it described my exact experience!


On Saturday, 2/7/2015 @ 7:00 am CST, Icarus reached the sun at 18 Aquarius 25. [My DSC is 17 Aquarius 47, by the way.] They both opposed Jupiter at that time…nearly exact. AND Nessus, in that very same moment, ingressed 0 Pisces 0.

Icarus, no surprise here, describes peak experiences. Like the tippity top of a mountain, it’s all down hill from there. Aquarius, ruler of the 11th house, holds our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and goals.

Nessus gives insight into our deepest wounds. That day, he entered Pisces, ruler of the 12th house—a Pandora’s box where past (life) Karma is hidden until healed.

Moments after this chart, the moon entered Libra where she feels compelled by justice and fairness. It’s what she wants, and she gets upset when it doesn’t happen.

Incidentally, the Mars shown here was exactly…to the arc minute…opposite my natal Pluto. Personal transits like that are energizing and explosive.

When you put all of these pieces together, you get an emotional rollercoaster to the highest extreme. One minute, you find your fingertips brushing the outer edge of a long held desire. The next moment, you see it stolen away unjustly. You crash; you burn; you rage; you throw your hands up…ready to quit even trying; and then you’re depressed. Oh…and by the way…lather, rinse, and repeat.

The Aquari-Pisces new moon chart holds a lot of that vibe, but less so. Icarus is setting. The further from the sun he gets, the less he burns.

However, the moon first, and later the sun will walk the full 30 degrees of Pisces. And look at the stockpile there! On 2/18, the entire span is covered from Nessus at 0o to Mars at 29o. The water bearer has been carrying an urn of water filled to the very brim. In fact, water had been flowing into that urn the whole time he’s been carrying it.

Half way between the one chart and the other, Mercury stopped regressing and initiated his second forward march through nearly all of Aquarius. Despite the ups and downs I experienced, I could clearly feel the different once Mercury pulled his one-eighty. During the upswings, things are now completing, and during the downswings, I’m not having to fix and redo everything.

Fitting for Pisces, Mercury will be going forward through old territory—a salmon swimming up stream, driven to traverse (transcend?) familiar waves.

For what it’s worth, I think the month of Pisces will be productive—not exactly easy, but productive. Consider it pre-spring-cleaning. Even y’all buried in snow in the Northeast, you can always work on your inside closets. Don’t forget: snow is water. You’re not swimming in it, but you’re inundated by it.

Before I finish, I want to point out one more asteroid shooting through the waters of Pisces. Tantalus is moving quickly. On 2/7, she was at 1o Pisces. On 2/18, she’ll already reach 12o. Tantalus teases us mercilessly. These days, we’re not merely attracted to her; we have feelings for her. Icarus flew all the way to the sun because he thought she was there. Intermittently, she tickles our wounds. We want her to heal them; we beg her.

She simply smiles impishly at our requests.

In the previous post, I wrote how Jupiter is holding back the sea. He still is. He is practically the only object on that side of the sky. I think he’s the one that keeps us from going under for too long.

If you have moments when you feel emotionally overwhelmed this next week, remind yourself that Mars is soon to escape the sea. On 2/19, he soars into his sign of rulership, Aries. Then, not a full day later, he pulls Venus out of the water with him. With that beautiful conjunction nigh, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it.

Holding Back the Sea

February 6, 2015

Once each year, the Earth passes directly between the two most gravitational bodies in our solar system: the sun and Jupiter. This happens today just past high noon Central Standard Time.

Given the time of the occurrence, the opposition between these massive bodies occurs along the vertical axis of the chart. In my opinion, the effects will be indirect…but pervasive. Like the noonday sun, you probably won’t look up directly at it much, but you will be well aware it is there.

Sun Opposite Jupiter

When I tune into this chart, it is hard to look at any aspect individually. The chart is very connected…entangled…and complex.

For example, consider the following:

  • Jupiter occupies the sign ruled by the sun.
  • The sun occupies the sign classically ruled by Saturn.
  • Saturn occupies the sign ruled by Jupiter.
  • Venus rules the chart (given Taurus on the ascendant)…and resides in the sign classically ruled by Jupiter.

Then there’s this set of observations:

  • The sun is highest in the chart.
  • Jupiter is lowest.
  • Saturn sits on the descendant.

These four bodies (sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn)—the four brightest objects in the sky (not counting the moon)—are all significantly placed in the chart. Furthermore, the moon closely aspects the sun and Jupiter, and loosely opposes Venus. Venus’ next aspect partners include Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, and Jupiter all within the next few days.

When I take in this chart as a whole, I am reminded of Atlas, but instead of him holding up the Earth, I see him holding back the sea.

Oppositions polarize energy. There’s a bunch of it over here and a bunch of it over there. Both sides pull on us…attract our attention and desire. Being physical, temporal beings, we can’t easily focus on both sides at once.

  • Jupiter in Leo wants more; he wants it all; and he wants it right now.
  • Sun in Aquarius is interested in laying it all out in a plan: step one, then step two…
  • Mercury, let’s not forget him, is deep in his retrograde, saying: “Wait! You forgot about this over here and that over there.”

Meanwhile, there is a mass of emotion building in Pisces. Look: Mars, Psyche, Chiron, Venus, and Neptune! If you look close enough, you’ll notice that Nessus, a centaur asteroid, is at 29 Aquarius 58, two arc minutes from Pisces.

I, personally, feel a lot of this. It is discordant and disharmonious. I feel on the edge of something big, but that something feels like many things simultaneously.

  • I feel on the edge of tears.
  • I feel on the verge of busting out.
  • I feel hyper, over-caffeinated, and stuck.
  • I feel trepidation and impatience.
  • I’m afraid of what’s around the corner, but I want to get there already.
  • If the Universe doesn’t set me free soon, I feel as if I’ll explode.

There’s a reason I feel this so strongly. This sun-Jupiter opposition sits a mere 9 arc minutes from my exact ascendant. It is completely in my face!

And let’s not forget that this chart is only days after the full moon passed by Jupiter.

Months ago, Lilith caught and held my attention. As a result, I’m beginning to really understand her role and purpose. These days, Nessus is capturing my notice.

Lilith, Nessus, and Psyche are what I call pain points—indications of wounds. Unlike Lilith, Nessus and Psyche are real objects.

Lilith is an artifact of the Earth-moon cycle. There’s nothing there. However, when the moon joins or opposes Lilith, we have apogee or perigee respectively.

So with Lilith, we have a shadow of something else. It is not a true wound, or a direct wound, but we feel it nonetheless.

Nessus, I’m beginning to understand, is tied to an actual event. It’s like scar tissue that results from an injury. It kind of sort of doesn’t go away, but we can work on it and/or work around it.

Nessus, in this chart, is straight up, geometrically. It is almost exactly 90 degrees from the horizon. When you live in a body made of flesh, it is inevitable that you will get wounded at some point. Some wounds heal, and others stick around until we trade one body in for another.

If you look at the three pain points, notice that they are loosely opposing each other: primarily in Virgo-Pisces. Also consider that those two signs are most aligned with pain and healing.

To conclude: today, you might be feeling the tides of the ocean pressing upon you, but you simultaneously feel strong and impatient. You’ve been carrying a weight for a long time and want nothing more than to shed it. But you’d rather not cry it out right now.

All in do time. I am not one to look too far ahead in Astrology. That’s a bit too much to bear. But I do trust the process. Aries follows Pisces, so everything traipsing through Pisces now will end up in Aries eventually. If nothing else, Aries will push it through. You can count on that!

Full Moon Enters Stage Left

January 30, 2015

After last month’s rather intense full moon in Cancer, some are probably wondering what this month has in store.

You may recall that last time, I didn’t write about the full moon until after the fact. It basically kicked my butt and I had to look up the chart. In response to my article, one of my readers wrote to tell me that she cried and cried that day for no apparent reason. Another described how uncomfortable she felt that day.

I expect this month’s full moon to be over the top, theatrical, and dramatic. I’m sure we’ll get some good stories out of it. The reason? This is not only a full moon in Leo, but is also conjunct Jupiter.


Rather than cast the chart for the full moon itself, I decided to cast a chart for the moon-Jupiter conjunction, which occurs six hours later. Notice that the moon and Jupiter fill up the 10th house. In fact, they are the only true objects in the sky at that time. The north node, Lilith, and the Vertex are all virtual points.

Given the full moon, we, of course, have an opposition with the sun. That opposition peeks at about 15 degrees Aquarius/Leo. Like last month, the Uranus-Pluto square aspects the moon-sun opposition again. The aspects are weaker, but still tight. Just like last month, the full moon will pull in and express (release) some of that background tension.

Notice that Chiron and Mars both aspect the sun and moon as well. Chiron is very tight with the moon-sun opposition, while Mars nearly exactly aspects the moon-Jupiter conjunction.

The full moon is Tuesday night. Mars slinks past Chiron in Pisces this Saturday. When a faster planet wizzes past a slower one, it picks up some of the slower planet’s energy. Since Mars likes to put whatever it has into action, it will help us express our Chiron—our long lasting wounds and healing. Since Mars aspects the moon-Jupiter conjunction nearly to the arc minute, it will funnel all of that Pisces feeling into Leo expressing. This is, ultimately healing, at least for the expressers. If we’re the one witnessing the show, we’ll have to do our best to keep from taking it on.

In the Austin chart for this event, Mars, Chiron, and Venus sit in the 5th house, an expressive, creative house associated with Leo—more drama, more show.

Last month, many of us felt all of the emotion. Some of us expressed it, but likely in the privacy of our own homes. This month, I expect the emoting to happen on stages big and small. We’ll likely witness the outbursts on TV and the Internet. Looking at this chart, it’s hard to imagine this full moon passing without over the top emoting all around. I guess we’ll see.

My advice to you is this: if you have a lot to say and express, let it out. No point in trying to hold back the storm. If you’re a witness to the emoting, let it fly passed you. Don’t take it on, don’t pull it in. Don’t egg it on either, just let it flow and let it go.

Jupiter has tremendous gravity. The one emoting will too. Be a moon and orbit around it, otherwise you’ll be pulled right into the eye of the storm.

But no worries if you do get pulled in. Maybe you have some expressing to do as well.

On a different note, I would like to share some star gazing opportunities with this event and another in the near future. The moon and Jupiter are conspicuous objects. On Tuesday, pray for clear skies and mild temps, because shortly after sunset, the moon and Jupiter will rise in the east side-by-side.

On the other side of the sky, I’m sure you’ve notice Venus shining brightly after sunset. Last month, she helped up spot Mercury. Next month she’ll help us spot Mars.

Today, Mars is about three or four fingers above Venus. After the sun sets and the sky dims, find Venus in the sky. Extend your arm all the way out, hold four fingers together right above Venus, and you’ll find the red man. Well each day between now and February 21st, the two will get closer and closer.

For those of you who are wondering where Saturn is, you have to wait until the early morning hours to see it above the horizon in the dark. It rises and sets about 5 hours before the sun.

Feel free to let me know how this full moon is for you!


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