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A Turtle on the Lake.

September 8, 2015

For the past few days, I’ve been sitting with Thursday’s channeling (Standing Waves), which I posted on Friday. This whole time, spirit has been guiding me toward a deeper understanding.

I am acutely aware that the conversation started right when I noticed the motorboat. I had been admiring the unusual glassiness of the water and I knew the motorboat would ruin it.

However, I had to admit that the initial waves emanating from the boat were beautiful. They remained glassy as they gracefully expanded toward me. It caught the entirety of my attention and I was rapt.

As many of you know or have guessed, I have been hiding out. If you’ve known me long enough, you have surely noticed the change. On a conscious level, I have been (attempting) to insulate myself from those vibrations that cause me pain. My ever-growing sensitivity is to blame. [More accurately stated: I have been blaming my heightened sensitivity.]

Part I

Allow me to share some in depth examples. [If you prefer, skip down to Part II for the insights gained.] This is not an attempt to justify my behavior; it is simply to give you an understanding of what it is like for me, in case some of you are experiencing the same.

I “see” energy now. One way that works really well is when I look back on an experience. In my mind’s eye, I can see emotional waves, but only when they are particularly strong. [If they are strong enough, and I am in tune, I can see them while they are happening.]

I not only see energy travel out of a person, I also see how others react when those waves break against them. The motorboat on the lake, you see, thus serves as a perfect analogy.

When you watch a motorboat slice through glassy water, you can see the at-first pure waves leave the boat’s hull and expand outward. Turtles swimming in the lake rise and fall with the crests, as they offer no resistance to it. The boardwalk pillars, however, reflect the waves back. Eventually, the whole lake churns in chaos.

[As I am editing this article, I now see these two profound examples of how we act or react to other’s emanations. When we do not resist or respond, we are like the swimming turtles. When we resist and reflect, we send our own waves out, which interact and interfere, ultimately creating chaos.]

I will now share a specific and detailed example from a couple of years ago.

I am in a room observing a parent “discipline” his child. On the surface, this is not an uncommon event. However, now consider that I can see more deeply what emanates from this specific parent. I not only see it hit the son it is directed toward, but I also see it break against all other persons in the room.

[In this particular case, I didn’t see it while it happened. I had more to learn first.]

As a healer, I sometimes work on people. When I do, I sometimes find knots of energy stuck inside of them. Earlier, I had worked on the boy and had found a knot of energy. I worked the knot until it loosened. I found myself saying, “This is going to hurt.” When the knot finally left the boy, sobs flowed out with it. Both he and I knew the knot originated from his father, but there was so much more to learn.

For a few months after the experience, I am especially sad, depressed, and discontent. I feel this way about all areas of my life. I cannot even tell you why. Maybe I can dig up reasons, but I can’t tell you why it’s worse one day than the week before.

I search and seek. Weeks later, I find the answers.

Through a dream, I discover that that same viscous energy is inside of me. I look back and in my mind’s eye, and I see that parent’s emanated energy flow into me. I see it in first person, and what I remember most profoundly is the look in his eyes. It is like looking at the headlights of an oncoming train or directly into a laser.

Like the lake, my glassy surface was ripped by that wave, but unlike the lake, I did not allow myself to return to my more natural frequency…at least not in a timely fashion. I was not like the turtle, but not like the boardwalk pillar either. I didn’t roll with the wave, and I didn’t react or respond. I absorbed the waves and held onto them. [This is something I have done my whole life.]

The above experience is merely one of many. So I start isolating myself. Too many people are emitting waves that hurt me, that stay with me, that haunt me. As part of my (attempted) protection, I stay home more; I unfollow people on Facebook; I skim the news faster and faster to shun traumatic images and words before they cut me.

I even start to avoid so-called spiritual people because I have learned, first hand, that when some learn energy work, they also learn how to forcefully penetrate others with energy. If you stick a part of your body into my body without my permission, it is called rape. But what if you do that with your energy? The laws of our land don’t cover that case. Most can’t even witness such an event, but it happened to me, and thankfully someone who could perceive it was present and validated my experience.

Part II

This recently channeled message has helped me gain a greater understanding. I now see how my isolation has been feeble. First, I have failed to shield myself from painful outside frequencies. Second, and more importantly, I have failed to shield myself from those painful frequencies (thoughts and worries) that I myself create.

I have been focusing on the outside stuff, ignoring the inside stuff.

I have already stopped trying to change the world (for the most part), but I have still been trying to control the space around me—all the while failing miserably.

The channeling spoke of emotional endurance. I have since realized that a better set of words is emotional tenacity.

It makes sense I would hear and say emotional endurance because that’s what it has felt like. I’ve been enduring the onslaught. When you endure something, you tolerate it; you put up with it. But when you have tenacity, you hold your own against it. Tenacity holds more power than endurance.

Mental tenacity is called focus. Meditation is another form of mental tenacity, and a way to practice it.

Emotional tenacity requires mental tenacity. Scratch that. Spirit just explained (this instant) that that statement is false. One can use mental tenacity to attain emotional tenacity, but that is not the only way.

Elasticity is another way. You can let the (negative) thoughts in, but then bounce back.

Visualize the turtles swimming on the lake. They did not resist the waves; they simply rose and fell with each crest. In other words, they rode out the waves!

AHHHHHH. That’s it! That’s the message I’ve been reaching for!

The lake bounces back; it returns to its glassy state after the boat races by. Not immediately, but in time. In fact, it happened rather quickly.

Another message I often get from spirit is to slow down. I now understand why.

To recap, the messages are:

1 – Tend to your own waves more. In fact, you need only tend to your own waves (thoughts and emotions) to feel better.

2 – Rather than trying to shun vibration, offer less resistance to it. Move from emotional endurance, to emotional tenacity, to emotional elasticity.

3 – By slowing down, you give yourself more time to recover from perturbations.

When a turtle exhibits emotional endurance, it pulls itself into its shell. It is safer, but not happier. When the turtle exhibits emotional elasticity, it rides the waves.

I have been like the turtle hauled up in my shell of protection. I now understand that I don’t have to give up my shell to swim in the lake and have fun. I just need to go with the flow and let the waves wash over me.

Standing Waves

September 4, 2015

[A couple of days ago, I was listening to Abraham-Hicks channelings and felt a desire to channel a message myself, which I haven’t done in a while. Yesterday, while out on a walk, I started to hear them.

The following is the message they gave me, which is for me and about me, but worth sharing, in my opinion.]

Still waters run deep. They also reflect.

You wrote those lines some years ago, during a time when you studied the Four of Cups in order to discern the message it had for you at the time. You have since published your latest novel: Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome. Within that story, you channeled the following:

In the greater fabric of being, there are densities of existence—not simply the physical and the non-physical. The first density is the realm of matter. Each atom in all materia lives in first density. Matter is simply consciousness commissioned to hold a finite amount of space for a finite amount of time. Through this the entire physical universe is constructed.

Density is merely another view of frequency. Matter is nothing other than standing waves.

Standing waves appear stationary, but they are clearly not motionless. It all depends on how you look at them. Surely you are familiar with the wagon wheel effect where a wheel appears to stop and change direction simply by adjusting the frequency of a strobe light shown upon it.

[This video illustrates the wagon wheel effect:]

Your experience of reality is via a type of strobe. In very real terms, you look at certain things at certain times. For example, lately you’ve been perusing the eastern horizon at 6:00 am. You thus get to observe Venus (and now Mars) each morning. You take note of the changes and those things that do not change. The Austin Skyline remains in your view, yet it is always a bit different than the day before. The temperature varies, but only to a degree. Sometimes there are many clouds, sometimes none at all.

All standing waves have movement. First is their primary frequency—the one you notice straight off. There is also the half-life—the rate of evolution (or decay). For example, spin a wheel or oscillate a pendulum, then watch as it slowly loses velocity.

All matter, all standing waves have these properties. However, there are many more frequencies present than those aforementioned.

Take Saturn for example. Saturn, the physical planet, is a system of standing waves. First off, it is comprised of billions of atoms—each of which is its own standing wave. These atoms act, react, and interact in patterns that are their own standing waves. The planet rotates…more waves. It orbits, yet another cycle or wave. And it evolves. Despite all of the above, every time you look at it (through your telescopes), you always recognize it as Saturn. You would never confuse it for Jupiter or Neptune.

And then there is the astrological archetype you associate with Saturn. You notice its cycle—namely the roughly 29 years it takes to circle the sun and thus Zodiac.

Back in 2012, you tuned into the phase that started then—namely Saturn in Scorpio. You wrote about it: Need versus Desire — Saturn in Scorpio.

And here we are, in your year of 2015, where (when) Saturn is soon to exit Scorpio.

In this post: Perfect Reflection, you discussed still waters. You didn’t, at that time, make the connection to Scorpio. The Four of Cups pertains to still waters as in stagnant emotion, but Scorpio, as fixed water, also relates to still waters.

“What,” you may ask, “is the purpose of stagnant emotion?”

“Why hold anything constant?” we say in response. Because, by allowing something to last for some time, you give yourself the opportunity to study it! It is specifically the stillness of water that allows it to reflect with detail. When waters are choppy, you don’t get an accurate reflection. There’s too much noise.

Saturn in Scorpio represents to us a standing wave in time. It has allowed some of you to hold specific frequencies longer than you would normally.

Scorpio, as fixed water, has the ability to hold a standing wave of emotion. Those strongly influenced by this sign can, generally speaking, love longer, want stronger, and hate more vehemently than most. They have earned this ability, but are burdened with the task of having to live with that gift.

Surely you understand how gifts can seem like curses until one gains adequate proficiency.

When you look at the past 2 ½ years, you notice that you have held specific emotions longer than usual. For whatever reason, you chose the negative ones. You have thus experienced more pain, more fear, more discomfort, more frustration, and more discontentment that in most other 2 ½ year spans in your life.

Having stated that, here’s the good news. You have gained emotional endurance! And, as you know, emotional endurance is creative. When you hold a particular emotion (when you resonate with a particular feeling), you attract experiences that align with that frequency. So you are now more creative than you were!

We chuckle with you. Yes, you feel less creative than ever. Again, it’s all in how you look at it. Your creating, though not born of your desires, has been enduringly (persistently) consistent.

Getting back to standing waves, you are well aware that a tone (i.e., a musical note) is a standing wave. A vibrating string…another standing wave…creates the note. They are not the same—one begets the other.

[This is another cool video combining the wagon wheel effect with a vibrating guitar string.]

Music is not the same as noise. Music requires the waves to be held and released with intention. Noise, on the other hand, is chaotic, abrasive, seemingly random, and harsh.

The string, being a physical object, is a standing wave even when it is not vibrating. When it vibrates, it is a wave, that is waving, and producing waves that flow outward. You are precisely the same.

So, rearranging yourself slightly, you become a human, with emotional endurance, feeling and thus emitting “positive” emotion!

Another standing wave we wish to remind you of is electricity. Be it direct current or alternating (DC or AC), it is simply more standing waves.

Electricity is associated with the sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus. Recall that Saturn is the classical ruler of Aquarius.

Aquarius, as fixed air, is precisely the correct sign to associate with electricity. It is only when electricity is a standing wave (one with a certain degree of stability) that it is useful to you. Lightning, for example, is not very useful. It is fun to watch, but potentially destructive. It is unpredictable.

In some ways, Saturn is the most interesting planet simply because of the relationship between its 29-year cycle and the human lifespan. Its time in each sign lasts long enough for an extensive study, yet it moves quickly enough to give most of you three times around. You, at your current age, can (sketchy as it may be) remember the last time Saturn was in Scorpio. When Saturn returned…so did a select few individuals. You, of course, recognized them, yet also saw how much they had changed. In response to the experience, you also took inventory of how much YOU have changed!

Considering Saturn’s smaller cycle (namely the nearly three years in Scorpio), you are now considering and comparing who you were when it started (and how you felt) with who you are now (and how you feel).

The gift of a planet like Saturn is its rate (frequency).

Over the past few weeks, you’ve noticed, with your naked eyes, the movement of Venus from one day to the next. You can tell that it is higher in the sky today than it was yesterday. Back in June, you watched Venus and Jupiter dance around each other. Every day the arrangement was different.

One cannot do that with Saturn. Each day, it appears to sit right in front of the constellation Scorpius. Only when you take your attention away from it for a while can you see that it moved.

For the duration of these past 2 ½ years, things have changed, yet your feelings, for the most part, have not. Yes, there were peaks (or more accurately: troughs), but the discontent has been more or less constant. Like an chronic ache, it’s there when you look for it, even if you can, at times, forget about it.

We recommend viewing with Saturn’s eyes rather than the sun’s. In other words, look at the long cycles. Instead of seeing 3 years of challenge, look further back and see the depth that exists now, which was missing before.

Still waters run deep, so you have to dive deep to see what’s happened.

Earlier today, you marveled at the glass-like appearance of Lady Bird Lake. The refection of the downtown buildings was so clear, you could rotate a photograph and most would not notice it was upside down.

You then saw a motorboat race across the surface. Like a scalpel, it ripped the lake apart. The glasslike surface reeled, rolled, and toiled. Soon the entire lake was astir.

Your first thought was this: the fragile stillness was polluted and destroyed by a single boat passing over it. You saw disruption. And then you turned your attention away from it.

But not minutes later, the glassy surface of the lake caught your attention again! You snapped this photo in response:


Yes, a single motorboat has the ability the completely wipe away the glassy serenity of the water. However, when the water is deep enough, its endurance prevails. The standing wave (of glassiness) thus returns.

For 3 years, you have been trained in the art of emotional standing waves. Using the gift of Aquarius, which you have access to innately, it is now time to flip the polarity. Like a light switch, move from the negative to the positive. See things differently. Recognize your tenacity.

Tune in to Saturn’s frequency (meaning a slower movement of time). Don’t look for results using the moon; a month is not long enough to discern. It is too soon after a boat passes. Give it a bit more time and you’ll see your frequency (rather than your response to those frequencies that strike you daily).

One year in a child’s life produces vast changes. It is astounding to watch! But a year in the life of a man who is 47, does not. It needn’t change that aggressively. You do not need that type of change to live or survive. You are in a different season.

You are already resonating with what’s to come. Whenever you lose sight of this, allow yourself to calm back into your own standing waves—like the lake did before your very eyes.

Precipice of Change?

September 3, 2015

Now that it is September, I am guessing that a number of you out there are waking and possibly leaving the house in the dark…partly because your schedule has changed and partly because the sun is rising later and later each day.

If you’re observant, you’ve noticed Venus shining brightly in the eastern sky. If you’re like me, you’ve looked for her. And maybe you’ve even tried to catch a glimpse of Mars.

Mars currently rises with Venus. They are at the same height. If you hold out your hand at arms length, Mars can be found about a palm’s width to the left of Venus. These past two mornings, I have been able to find Mars with little effort.

Mars and Venus are going to hover near each other for a while longer. Venus’ retrograde time comes to an end in three days. After she stations direct, she’ll creep forward slowly…eventually catching back up to Mars. After that, Mars will continue to climb in the morning sky (viewed one day to the next) while Venus will more or less hold steady.

In my last post, I talked about the Virgo-Pisces opposition. We are not done with the likes of that…not even close. Next up is the exact opposition between Jupiter and Neptune (on September 16th).

Jupiter is the classic ruler of Pisces; Neptune is the modern ruler. As astronomical orbs, they are both massive gas giants.

From our perspective, earth is a big place. The ocean reminds us of this. Have you ever waded in the sea with your eyes just above sea level? Looking out, you see nothing but water and waves to the seeming end of the earth.

Taking this experience further, consider being out in the middle of the sea, where no coastlines are visible. Now the earth not only looks vast, but eerily quiet as well. Given our propensity to take cruises, I’m sure many of you have had the opportunity to witness this.

Bodies of water easily induce daydreaming. That’s partly why we seek them out, yes?

For one year, Jupiter will crawl through Virgo. Neptune is not due to swim out of Pisces for another decade. So the opposition between these giants is exact soon, but not likely to completely fade for a while.

Interestingly, life has given me an experience I can relate to this. Back in January, I was involved in an accident. I finally got my truck in for repairs. Just this week, I picked up a rental car. Yesterday, as I drove downtown, I found myself contemplating a parallel life. Not a literal one, but an imaginary one: a life where I drive a car (instead of a truck) and one where I work downtown.

The very different physical vehicle (Jupiter in Virgo) allowed this fantasy (Neptune in Pisces) to feel more real.

Soon, I’ll likely get used to the car and it will stop feeling so different, but for now, it is fun to go along with the sensation. “What would that life be like?” “How would it cause me to see things differently?”

Virgo is the last month of summer, but like all mutable signs, it begins the transition into the next season. It already feels like fall despite the summer temperatures. That’s the gift of mutability: to assist, inspire, and facilitate change.

By the end of September, three of our four largest planets will be in mutable signs: Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. Uranus, the last of them, and Pluto, the last of the outer planets, both sit in cardinal signs, which don’t simply inspire change, but ignite it.

And get this: on October 9th, when Venus ingresses Virgo, not a single planet will sit in a fixed sign:


This hasn’t happened in a while…maybe even in a long while. [I believe the last time this happened was June 2012, before Saturn entered Scorpio and when Venus was retrograde in Gemini.] Are big changes in the offing? Who knows! I guess we’ll find out soon enough, eh?

I, for one, am looking forward to some practical (Virgo) and beneficial (Jupiter) changes (mutable signs) that are both real (Saturn) and closer to my dreams (Neptune)…

By the way, on 8/18 in my post entitled Design and Implementation I wrote this:

Sagittarius is known for its excess. Whether it’s preaching or partying, it’s all in. Saturn will temper that tendency. If you preach holier than thou, but your own nose is not clean, Saturn’s going to send you home to wipe your face.

It didn’t take long for examples of that to show up in the news, eh?

Virgo Pisces Opposition

August 31, 2015

In yesterday’s post (Venus and Mars; Dogs and Cats), I discussed the Venus-Mars conjunction. A conjunction occurs when two (or more) planets appear next to each other in the sky from our vantage. They needn’t be anywhere near each other in reality. For example, Venus is still quite close to earth. She just overtook us on 8/15 and passed between us and the sun (the inferior conjunction between Venus and the sun).

We recently had a sun-Mars conjunction as well on June 14th. In that case, Mars was furthest from earth on the far side of the sun. So while Venus and Mars appear close in the sky, they are quite distant.

A conjunction represents proximity in apparent location in space. Proximity in time is equally as significant. About 90 minutes before Venus and Mars conjunct, the sun and Neptune oppose.

A few minutes ago, I reread my post from yesterday. I typically read a post a day or two later to better evaluate it as a reader (rather than as a writer). It occurred to me that it was a very Neptunian (Piscean) post. It was descriptive, a bit dreamy, and fluttered and floated about. It wasn’t at all Mercurial. It didn’t make a strong point; it wasn’t based on logic. It was more about feeling and desire.

The Pisces full moon was just the other day. [It was amazing to see!]

If you consider a number of things occurring near in time and space, we have/had the following:

  • Venus conjunct Mars in Leo
  • Sun conjunct Jupiter in Virgo opposite Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Oppositions and conjunctions have similarities, especially when the orbs aspecting are so different to each other: Venus & Mars, sun & Neptune as examples. In either case, the energies are blending, but like waves that encounter each other, they can constructively or destructively interfere.

Virgo-Pisces is a particularly contrasting opposition. Gemini and Sagittarius, by comparison, are rather similar. Virgo lives firmly on the earth, while Pisces prefers to be as far from terra firma as it can get.

Much of the data I shared in yesterday’s post could just as easily be attributed to the sun-Neptune opposition as the Venus-Mars conjunction. The point of the discussion is different though.

Caring for a dog (this dog anyway) requires lots of planning. The dog eats on a schedule, for example, and needs to be walked right afterward.

Having the dog required me to be responsible and organized (sun in Virgo), while at the same time had me dreaming of what my life could be (moon and Neptune in Pisces). In yesterday’s post, I compared my experience as a cat owner with that of a dog owner, but I simultaneously fantasized about being an owner of some other, unknown, kind of animal.

More contrast for you to consider this week is what your life is (sun in Virgo) with what your life could be (Neptune/Pisces)—the dream and the fantasy, in other words.

Venus and Mars represents very different wants and needs that we each have. Virgo covers living life as a physical being on a rock hard planet while Pisces tethers us to our soul—to the higher self, which lives out there somewhere (as well as in here somewhere).

In my opinion, Astrology is most fun when you notice what is happening…the thoughts and feelings, the interactions and the experiences. That’s when Astrology becomes something a bit more tangible…or at least something you can relate to.

On another note: I want to share a recent review I received. It covers both books!


If (when) you read my books, you will notice that some parts are very Mercurial, while others are quite Neptunian…a little for everyone!

Venus and Mars; Dogs and Cats

August 30, 2015

Tuesday is the first day of September. At 12:04 am CDT, Venus will conjunct Mars to simultaneously kick off the day and the month. Six hours later, one with a clear view of the eastern horizon will be able to watch them rise side-by-side ahead of the sun. I’ve been observing Venus before sunrise, but unfortunately there’s too much light pollution around here for me to see Mars.

Venus conjunct Mars is sort of like caring for a dog and a cat at the same time.

The dog wants constant attention. She follows you around…and gets under your feet. If you sit, she wants to be in your lap. If you walk, she pulls at the leash, either ahead of you or behind. The dog is always happy, and seems to always want to play…even if she was sound asleep the moment before.

The cat wants no part of the dog. Play? Only on her terms. She’ll happily go outside, but not on a leash. More than likely, she’ll want to be on the other side of any closed door, regardless which side you’re on. She’ll tolerate affection, for a minute or two. If you happen to pet her a few seconds too long, you just might get some teeth or claws to set you straight.

You may have guessed: I’ve been dog sitting. I’m used to craving affection from my aloof cat, but I’m NOT used to the constant attention I’m getting from the dog. Being woken in the middle of the night is one thing, but then having to go outside at that hour is another.

The walks around the property have been nice…even if they are a pain to start. You see, I’m on the sixth floor. It’s a long walk and a lot of stairs to get to grass around here. And, since I’m caring for a very small dog, I have to carry her up and down the stairs.

Yes, there is an elevator; but it’s in the wrong direction…better for the ride up than the ride down. And this is a very big building. There is just no simple way to take the dog out for a quick pee.

My cat is a quiet companion…even if she’s typically under the bed or some other furniture. The dog is sometimes quiet, but abruptly loud when something catches her attention.

The one thing they each have in common? Neither does well with other animals! Ha ha!

Now I am not going to equate one with Mars and the other with Venus. That just wouldn’t work.

However, having both a cat and a dog—for the weekend—has me thinking. It has me craving an animal for a pet, which doesn’t exist. One that is quiet, like the cat, but portable, like the dog; one that can use a litter box, yet is happy to walk on a leash; one that will sit in your lap when you want the company (and warmth), but is also happy to sit on the other end of the sofa when you want your space (and no…more…heat; it’s August in Austin for Pete’s sake!) One you can go out with (a walk, a ride, a trip), and one you can stay home with.

Mars and Venus are very different archetypes…yet we each have both in our natal charts. One might be stronger, and more influential, but they are both there. In my birth chart, they are in adjacent signs, which means they are even more different than normal.

For a moment, imagine being perfectly bisexual: equally attracted to men and women—physically, sexually, emotionally, socially, etc. How hard it would be to pick just one mate, wouldn’t you think?

Venus and Mars are personal planets. They tend to affect us in personal ways. Uranus aspecting Pluto, by contrast, seems to be the bringer of the kind of events that affect large numbers of people all at once, as we’ve seen these past few years.

So Venus and Mars soon unite, blending their energies for a few days. They sit in Leo…and touch that part of each chart. For me, they are deep into my 12th house…just a few degrees above my ascendant. It’s not so much who I am…but something much deeper inside. The contrast I feel is with my wants and desires.

For the next few days, notice how you feel about contrast. You’ll probably see pros and cons simultaneously. You’ll see the advantages of this, and the advantages of that. And you just might ask, as I have been: “Why can’t I have it both ways? Why can’t I have it all? Why can’t I have just the things I want…without the tradeoffs?”

A house can give you this…but an apartment can give you that. A cat is good at these times…and a dog is better at those times. There’s everything the city gives you, and then those things we need the country for. Being single has its advantages, but it would be nice to NOT be single ALL of the time.

Liking dogs versus cats is not better or worse. Liking men versus women is not better or worse.

Some of us are heavy on the Mars…others overwhelmingly Venus. In reality, each of us is affected by both. Sometimes you want a spoon, but sometimes you need a fork.

My dog sitting days are just about up…and I have enjoyed the contrast this weekend has brought. I’m not thinking I’ll be a dog owner any time soon…at least not while living in a big apartment building by myself. But I like to imagine having it all—not merely having a dog and a cat, but having (a) companion(s) that can be all the things I want…even if I want different things at different times.

Design and Implementation

August 18, 2015

In thirty days—on September 17, 2015 at 9:49 pm CDT—Saturn will ingress the sign of Sagittarius, where it will remain until December 19, 2017. Less than nine hours before that happens, Mercury will station retrograde at 15 Libra 55.

Noticing this synchronicity, I decided to explore the Gemini and Virgo perspectives of this event. That’s when information started flooding in.

For brevity, I will simply list the related aspects (transits) and dates, then discuss the big picture:

  • 8/2/15 – Jupiter squared Saturn
  • 8/10/15 – Jupiter ingressed Virgo
  • 8/23/15 – Sun ingresses Virgo
  • 9/17/15 – Mercury (ruler of Virgo and Gemini) stations retrograde
  • 9/17/15 – Saturn ingresses Sagittarius

Notice that all of the above links four orbs (sun, Mercury, Jupiter, & Saturn) with three signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius). Also notice that all three signs are mutable and ruled by either Mercury or Jupiter.

Clearly, there is a theme building.

Jupiter ingressing Virgo and Saturn ingressing Sagittarius mean each enters a mutable sign and thus crosses an angle (ASC, MC, DSC, IC) in the mutable charts (Gemini, Virgo, Sadge, or Pisces). They will square two more times in 2016: 3/23 and 5/26.

Mutable signs are flexible…adaptable…pliable. It is no surprise that our three dual signs (Gemini, Sadge, and Pisces) are all mutable.

Mercury, the only planet that has more than one retrograde in a year, has a dualistic nature (what it’s like moving forward and what it’s like moving backward). In classic Astrology, most planets ruled two signs, but these days, only Mercury and Venus still do…at least by themselves. We still say that Jupiter rules Pisces, but we also say that Neptune rules Pisces, for example.

When I think of Gemini versus Virgo, I tend to think of Mercury’s forward motion and backward motion. Gemini is more about design, while Virgo is more about implementation.

WoodShedDesignFor fun, here are two pictures illustrating one of my recent projects. It shows the design and ultimate implementation of a woodshed. I, with the help of SketchUp, designed the shed…and I built it, with the help of others.
Gemini likes to think (it’s an air sign). It can be satisfied with thought alone. In fact, Gemini can have a hard time enduring the time it takes to actually build or construct.

Virgo, as an earth sign, is far more patient. It is not intimidated by the details. Notice that my design above did not contain all the details of the final product. Once I knew what needed to be done, I stopped designing and saved the details to the implementation.

You probably question why I bring this up, but it is pertinent…to all influenced by mutable signs (everyone!).

Saturn entering a sign is the start of a 2 to 2-1/2 year cycle. Saturn crossing an angle is the start of a 7-year cycle (one quarter of a full Saturn orbit).

When I compared the archetype of Gemini to that of Virgo, the difference between them could be thought of as Saturn. Gemini plus Saturn equals Virgo. Saturn adds the earthy influence. There can be all sorts of flaws in a design, which don’t much matter…until the design is turned into matter (material), then those details matter a great deal!

Saturn asks us to pay attention to our responsibilities. It urges us to cross our ‘t’s and dot our ‘i’s. It’s not just because they look better that way, but because they function better that way.

Virgo’s gift is a knack for improving what is. To improve what is, you must see what is! Saturn reveals the cold hard facts: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In order to expand (Jupiter), we have to make sure we’re on sure footing (4th house). We all know that you cannot build a tower on sand; it will fall over. Jupiter now sits in the 4th house in the Gemini chart…enabling design to become implementation.

When I cast a chart for Saturn ingress Sagittarius, I noticed that the sign of Virgo was intercepted in the 5th house (house of creativity). That means that the Virgo vibe is hidden, unexpressed, or at least stifled.

For a year, Jupiter is going to turn up the Virgo vibe. It is going to expand that area in our individual charts.

Generally speaking, Virgo is practical. Leo wanted it to look good, but after a month (sun) and year (Jupiter) of that, Virgo comes along and says, “But it needs to work well, or the beauty is lost.”

Sagittarius is known for its excess. Whether it’s preaching or partying, it’s all in. Saturn will temper that tendency. If you preach holier than thou, but your own nose is not clean, Saturn’s going to send you home to wipe your face. If you’re skipping out of work to party a few too many times, Saturn is going to demote you.

It is interesting that the traditional back-to-school time-period is Virgo. There is a time and a place for everything. If you want it to be better, you have to make it so.

When I troll Facebook, I too often see posts about this travesty and that one. A lot of people are crying out: “It should not be this way!” I don’t disagree. It shouldn’t be this way; it shouldn’t be this difficult; it shouldn’t hurt this much. But then I am reminded of this (short) post from March 2012 about building (creating/manifesting) our dreams. Check it out; it’s a good one!

Sand Castles in the Sky

It is time to move past merely seeing and stating the flaws. It is now time to start fixing them. And to fix problems, we have to stop focusing (obsessing) on the problem and start focusing on the solution. Even if we don’t know what the solution is, we can align with the idea of solution and its vibration…


August 15, 2015

When you look up at the sun today, keep in mind that Venus is hovering right next to it, though you cannot see her. At 2:21 pm CDT, she will make her closest pass as that is the moment of peak conjunction. The moon, also invisible at this time, hovers near by and is not even 24 hours past new (as I am writing this).

The new moon marks the beginning of a cycle, namely the lunar month. However, we are halfway through the month of August and more than halfway through the sign of Leo. Given the Venus-sun conjunction, we are also halfway through Venus Retrograde.

Today’s conjunction marks the start of Venus’ 10 months as a morning star. The next time she passes by the sun (on the back side) will be June 6, 2016, and she’ll begin her reign as an evening star after that.

It takes two to three days after the new moon before we can see the waxing crescent. It will take maybe a week or two before we’ll start seeing Venus rise up before the sun. I have a great view of the eastern horizon, so I’ll keep a look out for her and let you know.

Surely you remember the beautiful Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the evening sky a couple of months ago. Well, we’ll get another conjunction between these two in the morning sky on October 25th. This time, Mars will be joining the party just a few degrees up from the others.

Invisible to us, Venus and Jupiter met last week as well, the 2nd conjunction of the three. This occurred only 4 degrees from the sun and almost exactly square to Saturn.

I could go on an on describing the planetary dance right now, because the details are numerous. Taking a step back, we have basically been having half of the planets do-si-doing around the sun: Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter. This motion makes me think of a dishwasher or washing machine. The energy is mixing and churning. Little by little, the dirt gets rubbed off.

Taking another big step back, let’s consider the two closest gas giants. Jupiter and Saturn just recently squared (on August 2nd). Each is fixing to change signs. So the inner-planet dance is churning, but also ramping up the shift in the background. Generally speaking, Jupiter changes signs once every 12 months, and Saturn takes about 2-½ to 3 years to do the same—not an infrequent shift, but not an everyday thing either.

All of this has been hitting my chart very significantly. I’ve been too busy living it to write about it.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’m seeing it even more now: Astrology is not something that happens to us. It is a mysterious tool that somehow describes what is happening. It doesn’t change our choices; it simply gives context and shines light (like the individual planets and luminaries) showing us the truth at a deeper level.

More and more, I find myself going with the Astrology, and it has been oh so interesting.

As I mentioned, we are halfway through Venus Retrograde. The last time Venus’ motions was apparently backward was in January 2014. Then, I took a road trip to San Diego, the city I lived in for 8 years before moving to Austin. I spent 10 days there. It was a vacation. I also sprinkled my cat Notte’s ashes into the Pacific.

It was the first time I drove back to CA after leaving.

Venus Retrograde is about reevaluating our relationship to…life. It is nostalgic. It reminds us who we spent time with…sometimes bringing someone back into our life (for a visit if nothing more).

In 2014, I revisited the previous phase of my life. This Venus Retro, I went further back. I decided to do something I have not done before: I drove from Texas to my childhood hometown in Connecticut. Round trip, I traversed 4400 miles.

Essentially, it was a working vacation. [Venus Retro squared Saturn, after all.] I built a wood shed for my sister, and did some house maintenance for my parents. And I did some readings here and there. But I also met with family and friends I had not seen in decades: two or three.

The insights and symbolism were many. For example, when I lived in Danbury, I drove a small car. Any time I visited, I drove either a family car, or a rental, but always a car. Here in Austin, I own a truck. Let me tell you, driving my truck down those streets of my youth felt entirely different. The roads felt narrow. The view—a good 18 inches higher—was noticeably different. I was literally seeing my hometown from a different perspective. Isn’t that what Venus Retrograde is all about?

The day Venus changed direction, I extended my journey northward, from my parents’ house to my sister’s…a two hour journey. I found myself switching Pandora to play songs from the 80s, when I used to live there. En route, I drove through Springfield, MA, the city where I spent my first two years of college. [A week later to the day, I met up with my best friend from college, who I hadn’t seen in 23 years.]

Because I drove to New England, I was not only in my Texas truck, I also brought my tools, most of which I acquired here. And I brought my carpentry skills, which I mostly developed here. My sister’s woodshed is a bit of Texas in New England as it was inspired by Texas architecture.

Venus is currently transiting my first house. She will back up over my Ascendant in about a week. In fact, all of the inner planet dancing has trounced my Ascendant, the cusp between unseen influence and personal identity.

2014 was the first time I went into Venus Retrograde consciously. This time, it is all about my relationship to me…reevaluating who I have been in order to decide who I am now. Because it’s Venus (and not Mercury), it’s not simply thinking about it. Remember, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Taurus represents values, but also possessions. It is tactile and physical. Libra brings in the relational aspects. Venus wants us to connect with people and life around us. Thoughts conjure up feelings, but not nearly as profoundly as life does.

Most of Venus Retro will have been in my first house, which is a conspicuous part of our chart. During this first half, I have been very aware of the influence. But now that I’m back in my not-yet-familiar-new home, I wonder what the next half will be like. Surely there’s more to do. I feel very different; I see evidence around me showing me how I’m different; yet the day-to-day here is more or less back to the same as it was before. The day-to-day is something I want to change…and have for some time.

Road trips like the one I just took are profound. I now have a visual path connecting my childhood hometown to my current home. Last year, I drove to San Diego (a few times) AND San Francisco (one of the three trips). I thus connected my prior two homes to Texas then…and now I have the full coast-to-coast journey completed. In my mind, I can travel from each of my homes to the any other. I can remember how the terrain and sensation shifts as one travels.

“So now what?”

Yes, that is still the question burning a hole in my gray matter. I still need to decide where to go from here.

Saturn is finishing up with Scorpio—it enters Sagittarius on September 17th. It will not cross out of my 4th house (home life and foundation) until next year. It will then retrograde back into for a bit.

In my sun sign chart, it will cross my descendant into my 7th house (Sagittarius).

The changes I seek are pretty much all focused on the descendant: work and relationship. The current dance is all around my ascendant. It makes sense that in order to change what’s on that end, I need to change what’s on this end.

Limited thinking is hard to overcome. We drag our past experiences along with us…and they have weight. Even when current life shows us something different, we sometimes give more credence to the past than the present.

At one point last weekend, there was a discussion about letting go of a past experience (and getting over it). I found myself reminding them of this: even if you let go of (forgive) what happened, you might find yourself looking out for it when something similar approaches. If you got hit a few times in the past, you’ll surely duck a lot faster now.

In other recent conversations (readings) I have found myself saying to others: “the first thing to do is decide you want something to change and in a specific way.” I think that message is very clearly for me as well.

By the end of 2013, I very clearly and intently wanted things to change. Since, many things have been very different. However, I was not sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do…and some of that is still yet to be decided…

Tarot readings can be somewhat predictive. It’s not rare to see a bit of what’s coming…even if it’s hard to say when.

Astrology readings, however, seem best as a tool for digging into the big picture shifts happening right now. Even though I can look at a future chart, it doesn’t seem to speak to me until it is present.

By the way – Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome received its first review…a rave review! Check it out:scribe-review


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