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The Hidden Benefit of “Negative” Manifestation

January 13, 2016

If you’ve read either of my books or select blog posts, you know about a concept called The Perfection of the Universe. In a nutshell, The Perfection of the Universe states that everything that shows up is perfect, which also means that everything that shows up is beneficial…in some way.

That’s a huge mouthful to swallow. With the seemingly insurmountable and ever growing challenge that’s out there, it is hard to believe that any of it is beneficial, let alone all of it!

Since every mountain is scaled one step at a time, let’s look at something small…a single example perhaps.

If I may say, the most archetypal “negative” manifestation is illness. That’s why we call it disease (dis-ease). In fact, I’m pretty sure that disease is nothing more than dis-ease that’s been allowed to go on for too long. In other words, feeling bad (emotionally) for long enough time can eventually result in a physical ailment.

But the cause is not what I want to talk about. Whatever the cause may be, feeling bad (ailing) feels oh so bad (emotionally). How often have you been significantly sick or in pain and found yourself saying, “All I want is to feel better.” You probably didn’t say it; you probably shouted it.

Truthfully, you probably said this first: “All I want is this (fever/pain/cancer/rash/etc.) to go away.” If/when it gets bad enough, you then start to say: “All I want is to feel better.”

In 2012/2013, I had an intermittent toothache. Before that, I had TMJ pain. Before that, I was stressed out…fearful…full of dread. In 2011, my angst and pain was all emotional (not yet physical). Looking back on the journey, I can easily see the escalation.

In 2014, I began backing away from all of the struggle. I stopped trying to make things (life circumstances) happen and began focusing on feeling better (emotionally). Physical pain still shows up in my body in various places and ways, but by addressing my emotional state first, I often find relief. I think part of the source of stress was trying too hard.

These days, I’m starting to feel better than I have in years! I think it was September of 2015 when I stumbled upon a thought…a goal…something to focus on. I was sitting to meditate and I said to myself and the Universe: “I simply want to feel good.” I wasn’t trying to create a relationship, a new career, a physical object, or an (outside) experience. I just wanted to feel good…emotionally.

To my surprise, it wasn’t hard. Within days, I achieved excitement. I danced around my apartment feeling excited for no reason, then feeling excited because I was feeling excited. Not long after that, things started happening—shifting in an obvious way.

The most basic experience of wellbeing is feeling good. It takes nothing (no reason) to feel good…and yet, at times, feeling good seems the single most difficult thing to do. However, feeling good (emotionally) is  easier than you think. It requires no action. It is simply a state of being that can be experienced anywhere any time. Hell, even putting together my breakfast takes more time and effort.

In the beginning, it takes focus, but make a habit out of feeling good and it will flow in all by itself.

The hidden benefit of negative manifestation is to bring us out of whatever chaos and stress we’ve been focusing on and into a more basic positive aspect. The worse the manifestation, the more basic we’re encouraged to pursue.

Negative manifestation does not happen overnight. It feels that way, but if you study your own history, you will notice that you stopped feeling good a while before things hit the fan. You can see that your stress and anxiety grew long before the negative manifestation showed up.

When you reach a threshold, you exclaim: “All I want is to feel better,” which is a more basic version of: “All I want is to feel good.”

“Better” is easy. It is simply an incremental notch above where you are. “Good” may take a few steps. “Great” may take some more. If you focus, however, you just might find “ecstatic” in no time at all…especially if you’re not looking for a reason to feel that way.

Abraham often says something like this: if it’s hard to feel good about something specific, go more general. There is nothing more general than wanting to feel good or wanting to feel better. Don’t look for a reason to feel good or better, just reach for it. Ask for it and look for it.

Meditation is challenging for someone like me who thinks so much. But since I feel a lot too, I do that instead. I sit and feel. I focus on what I feel in my body and what I feel emotionally. If I feel discomfort in my body, I focus on feeling ease…breathing easier, getting more comfortable, gently moving my head and relaxing tension. And then I reach for excitement.

Sometimes I put on inspirational music and feel through it into excitement. In other words, I’m harvesting excitement. The more excitement I feel, the more the Universe will give me a reason to feel excited. It’s the way it works with all emotions.

For some reason, excitement is the emotion I’ve been reaching for and finding. You can do the same with any emotion. If you want ease, harvest ease. If you want love, harvest love. If you want freedom, harvest a feeling of freedom. If you want to feel strong, harvest empowerment.

Consider the things you desire and figure out what feelings you’re hoping to achieve through them. Then harvest those feelings: plant the seeds, add some nourishment, and give them some TLC and attention.

Every so-called negative manifestation is simply telling you to reach for a more general feeling of wellbeing now. Once you get back to a more general sense of wellbeing, then reach for the more specific desired manifestations. Play with it and see how it works.

Within Earshot

December 11, 2015

Yesterday, a friend related the following story. He is a basketball player and owns a smartwatch. Every time he plays basketball, he plays with his watch on.

Two days ago, a friend of his said, “Why do you wear your watch while you play basketball? You can break your watch that way.”

My friend’s reply was, “Nothing ever happens to this watch.” However, he was annoyed with the comment. For a moment, he nearly removed his watch, but instead stuck to his guns.

Some short time later, he discovered his watch was broken. He didn’t remember hitting it on anything, in fact couldn’t remember anything that would have damaged it. Nonetheless, it was damaged.

We’ve all experienced the so-called POWER OF SUGGESTION. I write it in all capitalized letters because that’s how it feels to us. We know that the power of suggestion works both ways, but it is the power of the jinx that feels greater…and thus we fear it.

“Don’t say it,” we yelp out when a friend is about to voice a dreaded thought. “Don’t jinx it,” we say. “Don’t jinx me,” we mean.

Surely you’ve all experienced this scenario as well. A well intending friend says, “You know, you have a tendency to do blah-blah-blah.” They are intending to be helpful pointing out your flawed behavior, and yet we feel something less than pleasant. We might feel annoyed, guilty, defensive, or denial.

Instead, we should feel grateful, but the reason is not what you think.

What others think of us matters not. Others’ thoughts do not create on our behalf, despite what that first story makes it seem. It wasn’t my friend’s friend’s thoughts that caused his watch to break. It was HIS! He didn’t adopt the belief when the thought was voiced, he was already within earshot.

When a friend or a stranger points out something about you that stings, thank them for it…or rather, thank the Universe for it. Why? Because it let’s you know that you are within earshot of the thought. It doesn’t mean that it’s true. It doesn’t mean the behavior is wrong. And it certainly doesn’t mean that their opinion matters. It simply means you are within earshot of the criticism.

Abraham talks about vibrational resonance. Well, in fact this is literal. If you do not vibrationally resonate with a particular statement, you cannot hear it. The thought will not be a part of your reality. Even if the friend voices it in your presence, you will somehow miss it.

However, if you sometimes think your behavior might possibly be wrong, someone just might point it out to you. The more it stings, the more you feel that the statement is true.

Again, the behavior is not what’s off. You are simply within earshot of that particular criticism. You’ve thought it enough times that the Universe simply vocalized it for you and using another person’s voice.

The point of the interaction is to simply show you your point of attraction. You now have an opportunity to move away from it.

We’ve all heard it said: “Don’t shoot the messenger.” The messenger is of service, even if they bring bad news. Don’t shoot the message either. Recognize that you were simply within earshot of something you do not desire and now that you know this more clearly, step away from it.

Price versus Value

December 10, 2015

Yesterday, I found myself discussing a topic that I find of value. It was basically about the difference between price and value—something we grapple with every day, but more this time of year than any other.

How often do you find yourself considering a purchase and asking yourself, “Do I really want to spend that much for that item? Do I want it that much?”

Asking questions like that have value. That is because to answer them, we much consider how much we do or will value the item in question. If it is a gift, we might be considering how much we value the person we are buying it for. Or, we might be considering how much we value the experience of giving.

Contemplating values is something some of us do all the time…at least when we’re not on autopilot. In my opinion, contemplating values is always valuable because knowing our values is valuable.

When we decide that we want a better experience (nicer things, more comfortable situations, relationships that are more pleasurable, what-have-you), we enter into contemplation of values. That is because our unique values are the answers to the questions.

For example, if I say I want a better job, I must contemplate my values to know what “better” is for me. For one person, a better job is one that pays more. For another person, a better job is one that includes travel. Some value creativity; some value autonomy. Each has his or her own value system and thus will desire something different when seeking better. If you know your values well, you will be able to quickly determine what is better for you.

And then we go shopping.

Stores shelve items that are priced. These days, most do not wheel and deal—you pay the price shown or you do not buy the item. If you find yourself spending time trying to decide whether to buy or not based on price, consider this:

The price of an item is someone else’s value, not yours!

Prices rarely match your values system. Sure, you’re happy to pay less for something than your value of it, but you often feel bad about paying more for it.

Aligning with wealth and abundance may require us to separate price and value. The more we can do this, the more we can allow money to flow out AND IN!

I personally have had just as much struggle with the in flow as the out flow. Do you know how many times I’ve changed the prices of my readings? I’ve done this often because I try to align price and value. It’s futile!

But here’s the thing:

We cannot ever align price and value—at least not for long. That is because price does not equal value. They are not the same thing.

Price is simply the agreement between the buyer and the seller. Even if I agree to buy or sell at a given price says nothing about how much or little I value the thing I’m buying or selling. Hell, I cannot value the same item as much one day as the next. My values fluctuate constantly.

And prices fluctuate as well. For example, the price of a gallon of gas changes every single day. Yet, our individual value of gas doesn’t. We do not let our cars go empty because we value the freedom of movement so much greater than any price a gallon of gas might cost…well, any price we’ve seen. I’m sure there is a point where we’ll stop buying gas and walk or ride the bus instead.

More often, what we do adjust is our happiness when filling up. When gas is cheap, we joyfully fill up our tank. When gas is expensive, we groan and complain about it. Higher prices might have us driving around hunting for deals, but we’ll fill our tank anyway.

Society collectively links value and price. We individually do not need to. The more we can separate price and value within our minds and hearts, the wealthier we become.

Consider this: if you are sitting on a million dollars, but are not allowed to spend a dime of it, you are as poor as a beggar. Money only has value when it is spent!

Practice separating price and value by simply recognizing that your values are unique. You value things others don’t and they value things you don’t and all of that is perfectly fine. You never need to spend too much for anything because it is always your choice. It is usually your choice to spend or not, but the idea of too much is subjective and is thus always your choice. You can and do change your thoughts about too much all the time.

Months ago, when I was apartment hunting, I considered $1700 too much for an apartment. I didn’t want to spend that much…it didn’t seem worth it. And then I looked around at what I could get for less than that. I ultimately (and for the time being) decided that $1700 was NOT too much to pay to live where I want. I successfully separated the price and the value.

I love where I live. There is nowhere in Austin I would rather live. Given that, I changed my idea of too much and then stopped thinking about it. Instead, I am priming my manifestational potential of earning. I am readying myself to bring in more. I am aligning with in flow—with income.

Price and wage are aspects of our current way of living. It needn’t have anything to do with our personal values. You are free to cherish a cheap trinket as if it were made of gold. You are also free to throw out items that not longer have value to you even if they are still worth a lot to others. In fact, I love when I can give away things that have little value to me, but are valued by others. It’s a joyful exchange; it’s a win-win!

Giving and receiving gifts can challenge us as well. How often have you or another said, “You shouldn’t have; you spent too much!”

My values will never match your values exactly. We shouldn’t even compare. Better said: we’ll experience more joy given and receiving when we don’t compare our value systems.

Imagine how freeing it would be to consider only value and never price. The question we could stop asking is, “Do I want it enough?” and the question we would ask instead is simply, “Do I want it?”

We desire wealth because we think more money will allow us to buy what we want with more freedom. Freedom is the truer desire!

Practice freedom to experience freedom. Spend less time thinking about if it’s worth it, and think only about whether you want it or not.

And stop justifying what you want!

Earlier, I said that price is an agreement between buyer and seller. It is justification! People who share finances are constantly justifying purchases by either emphasizing the want or the price. “I really wanted it, that’s why I bought it,” or, “It was cheap, so why not?”

Again, practice all of this vibrationally before applying it. Don’t justify what you want to yourself, just decide if you want it or not. It’s okay to contemplate why you want it, or how much you want it, but don’t defend the desire…just know what it is!

And spend less time wondering where the money will come from. Think of what you want and then feel for the excitement of having it. You can feel that right now. Enjoy the imagination of it. Decide that you want it AND that you are going to be happy regardless. Recognize that you do not need it to be happy. Happiness is a choice and one you can make no matter what!

My father once said to me, “Why wish for a loaf of bread when you can wish for a grocery store?” Wish for the loaf of bread AND the grocery store. Enjoy every slice of bread that comes and then expect more. You can’t eat all of the food in the grocery store at once, but if you consider all of the food you’ve eaten already in this life, you would more than fill a grocery store. You received the grocery store already! So just keep on going!

This post is quickly turning into a rampage of appreciation…so switch from reading to writing and keep going. List everything you love, everything you have, everything you once had, every event you have enjoyed. You’ll soon realize how rich you are…right here and now. Isn’t that delicious!



December 7, 2015

About nine years ago, I received a message from spirit. What I heard was something like this: “If you let go of everything you have, you will receive everything you want.”

Every now and again, I recall that message. Often, I remember it when I am a bit frustrated. I yell back at it and say, “But I’ve let go of my house and I let go of my career, and I’ve let go of traveling. I’ve let go of so much—what more do I have to let go of?”

The frustrated part of me is a child. He thinks simple thoughts and thus interprets messages from spirit literally. Even while my child rants, I know it’s not about those things. I know it’s more about limited beliefs. Interestingly, I understand a bit more or a bit differently each time I remember it.

Consider these series of statements:

  • Let go. Let it go. Let it leave.
  • Let go. Let it go. Let yourself go. Allow yourself to go with the flow.
  • Let go. Let it go. Don’t hold onto it.
  • A belief is something you hold to be true. Let it go. Let it go away. Let it leave.

Almost every day, I spend a little bit of time listening to Abraham-Hicks YouTube videos. They are so much fun. I purposely avoided Abraham-Hicks teachings for years because I wanted the channelings in my books to be in MY words rather than theirs.

Since I’m no longer working on books I’ve gone back to Abraham’s teachings and have encountered nearly the same words!

For example, in a number of places in my books there is a variation of the following: “The Journey of the Fool is always from where you are to where you want to be.” These days, Abraham often says, “Your desire is to go from where you are to where you want to be.” They talk also about the path of least resistance as the easiest way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

So why did I hear it as The Journey of the Fool?


The Fool

Well, because The Fool—the archetype from the Tarot—has no resistance. The Fool has no attachment. The Fool carries nearly no baggage. The Fool has little belief and thus little doubt (a negative belief). The Fool is not in a hurry. The Fool is along for the ride. He stops to smell the roses…and enjoys the vistas along the way.

To journey like The Fool requires little. In fact, if we think we’re doing it, we could probably do a bit better by simply letting something else go…laying down something we’re still carrying around.

Ten of Wands

10 of Wands

Compare the image of The Fool (left) with the Ten of Wands (right).

This morning, while listening to Abraham, a new analogy came to mind.

Abraham often speaks of the momentum that develops from a habit of thought. They encourage us to start minding our thoughts (and vibration) right when we wake up before a negative momentum builds. Essentially, they are helping us get off on the right side of the bed.

Thoughts that induce strong emotion have strong momentum. They take us places. The problem is, they take us to the same place they start from. They are like taxis (or buses) with destination signs written on them.

For example, let’s say you are angry about war (or terrorism). You are so angry you want to kill someone. As you rant about how evil terrorists are, you whistle for a taxi labeled “Angry about terrorism”. But you know where that taxi came from and goes to? The Battlefield! If you want to go to the battlefield (or the next place a terrorist attack will occur), get on that cab.

If, however, you want to be in a better place, let it go. Let that taxi go. Let that rant go. Let it leave your mind and emotional body.

Abraham reminds us to not talk about things we don’t like…UNLESS it will make us feel better.

Sometimes, we can only let something go through our vocal cords. Worded better: sometimes the path of least resistance from where we are (ANGRY) to where we want to be (HAPPY) is to go ahead and say what we want to say…to get it out and move on. We must remember to move on though! We’ll call another cab, we simply need to let it pass us by!

I experienced this last week. I tried to move past a negative thought that kept circling around all day (like the same taxi passing me repeatedly). I kept saying to myself, “let it go and don’t talk about it.” Instead, it came back around, slowed down, opened a door for me, and waved me in.

Late in the afternoon, I finally gave in and talked about IT with a good friend. And you know what happened? Right after I finished getting it out I was (finally) able to let it go. My whole body vibrated for a moment, letting me know I was now free of something I held onto.

If you’re angry, hurt, frustrated, or afraid of something, sometimes the best thing is to just get in that damn cab that keeps showing up at your door. Go ahead; take it for a ride. You’ll soon realize it’s not going where you want to go. When you do, pay your fare and get out. Let it go and then whistle for a taxi going where you DO want to go. It may take a minute, but it will come.

The more you practice this, the more you’ll see it work.

What do you believe?

November 30, 2015

Four days ago, Saturn at 7o 2’ Sagittarius made an exact square to Neptune at 7o 2’ Pisces. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit and there is no shortage of information to ponder.

A square butts two energies/archetypes/morphogenic fields against each other emphasizing the contrast between them. With Saturn and Neptune, this is easy because the two are as opposite as they come.

  • Saturn builds…Neptune dissolves
  • Saturn is structured…Neptune is amorphous
  • Saturn is disciplined…Neptune cannot be pinned down
  • Saturn is objective…Neptune is subjective
  • Saturn is unemotional…Neptune is nothing but feeling and sensation
  • Saturn is everything you can see and/or touch…Neptune is everything else
  • Saturn is clear and conscious…Neptune is foggy, dreamy, illusory
  • Saturn asks you to wake up and smell the coffee, which might be burning on the stove…Neptune asks you to shut your eyes, fall asleep, dream, fantasize, take this pill, and fall into the abyss.

Society tells us that Saturn is paramount. It pays the bills, puts food on the table, fuels your car, and puts a roof over your head.

What does it say about Neptune? You’re a sloppy drunk. Stop daydreaming and pay attention. Grow up. Get a job. Your head is in the clouds. You’re out of touch with reality. It’s just your imagination. Don’t do drugs. You’re delusional. Do you hear voices? You’re sick. You have a mental illness. That’s not true. That’s not real. Imaginary friends are for children. Get a real job. That will never work.

And then there is Abraham.

Abraham says: You are a vibrational being; the larger part of you is non-physical; you create your own reality; what-is does not matter; what you imagine becomes real when you line up with it.

In a sense, Abraham says: Forget Saturn and pay attention to Neptune. Care about how you feel…follow what feels better; the rest will come.

Saturn in Sagittarius begs questions like:

  • What do you believe?
  • Who do you believe?
  • What is real?
  • What do you realize?
  • What do you hold to be true?
  • What do you manifest?
  • How do you manifest?
  • What is reality?
  • How does your reality compare to another’s?
  • Which is right?
  • Who is right?

Ah, but philosophy says, “Perception is reality.” Well, it’s your reality anyway.

If you believe you have an enemy, you will feel threatened, no matter what. If you believe you are unloved, you feel unloved (i.e., you fail to see where and how you are loved.)

We live in interesting times. Thanks to the internet, we have access to more information than ever, right at our fingertips, accessible to us nearly anywhere…yet we find ourselves questioning everything we see, hear, read, and watch.

Have you used the news app featured in iOS 9 by Apple? When you refresh it, it says, “Checking for new stories…” See, even Apple doesn’t believe the news. They are not articles; they are stories!

Life feels more surreal and sublime than ever. I remember when it felt magical and mysterious. Now it seems insane. It no longer makes sense. It’s out of control.

And yet, at the same time, things are manifesting faster than ever. I feel like I can watch thoughts (and emotions) precipitate like rain and then fall from the sky.

Saturn in Scorpio helped us wade through needs and desires, conceptually and item by item. But there is no experience quite like manifesting (experiencing) something (someone) that showed up exactly (precisely) as you asked. It blows the mind. It makes you question what you really want and need. It sounds like pure fantasy, but the reality of it has a way of affecting you to the core.

Many of us give the majority of our day to Saturn, and then play with Neptune in the evening or at night. We tolerate our stressful full-time jobs, then have a drink (or a toke) in order to relax and take the edge off at night. We work hard during the week, then play hard on the weekend. The more serious of us see only Saturn during the waking hours and then only reluctantly give in to Neptune’s dreams when sleeping.

When I was a software engineer, I created something non-physical from something non-physical.

Computer programs, like stories and songs, are not physical. You can run a program on a computer, but you cannot touch the program itself. You can read a story from pages in a book, but you cannot touch the story. The story exists beyond the book. The song exists beyond your iPod. These are non-physical creations that can be experienced in physical ways.

These days, we interact with the non-physical more and the physical less. We don’t buy records and paperbacks; we download mps and ebooks. We don’t hold and pass around photographs; we look at pics on our phones and share them on Facebook and Instagram.

In recent days, my “designing” has evolved. I imagine in my mind, like I used to. I use software programs to draw much like I used to use software editors to write. But these years, I’ve been building the creations too. I’ve measured and sawed the wood; I’ve screwed the boards together; I’ve cut and stapled the wire; I’ve attached the hinges. Building a chicken coop seems more pedestrian than writing an app or a novel, and yet it takes the act of creating to a whole new level.

I think it has been an important part of my growth to work like this…to take an idea all the way into physical form.

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces begs us to consider our beliefs before manifesting them. In other words, choose your beliefs. Feel them out.

Go to and type in the word “believe”, then read the synonyms listed.

It will help you realize that the act of believing is a choice. You DO get to believe what you want to believe, but it takes some discipline at first.

While pecking around the internet, I also found this article:

Oh, what a delicious read that is! Take a look; it’s not long.

When you say, “I believe this,” you are saying, “I hold this to be true.” But underneath, you are also saying, “I wish this to be true.”

I wish for each of you to have the experience of a clear and precise manifestation; to have before your very eyes something that looks, feels, and interacts just the way you asked. For one, is it amazing to behold. For two, the reality of it will affect you deeply.

In some cases, you will urge yourself to ask differently or more carefully. If you look closely, you will notice that the precise manifestation holds some of your wants and some of your fears, all rolled up into one.

Abraham says, “Beliefs are simply thoughts you keep thinking.”

Whenever you state a belief to yourself or others, immediately consider whether it is a belief you wish to have or not…then decide whether to give it more of your attention or less.

Saturn is about responsibility. It is also about making things real…or rather it makes things real for you and then you have to deal with it.

The square to Neptune is a reminder that imagination matters…imagination literally becomes matter when given enough energy (i.e., focus, attention).

Your reality can be reflective of your daydreams or it can be a product of your nightmares. The choice is yours. You choose with your intention. To know of your intentions, mind your attentions.

Us versus Them

November 22, 2015

Today is 11/22. By some measures, it is the most interesting day of the year. For one, it is a double master number. For two, it is the transition from the most internally intense sign to the most externally expansive sign.

In one view, it is when we get flipped inside out. It is where negative infinity meets positive infinity. It is the precise moment we realize that inside of every atom is the entire universe.

I’m going to play with some comparisons for a moment.

Scorpio Sagittarius
Introvert Extrovert
Inward Outward
Negative infinity Positive Infinity
Atom/subatomic particles Universe/Multiverse
Intense Expansive
Intent Extent
Greatest desire Greatest manifestation
Strongest feeling Most expressive
Pluto (most distant) Jupiter (most massive)

The sun crossed into Sagittarius at 9:25 CST. Earlier this year, Saturn crossed into Sagittarius for real (meaning it will not retrograde back into Scorpio and will not revisit Scorpio for 26 years).


This morning, I found myself rereading a post from three years ago about Saturn in Scorpio. For months now, I have been thinking about what Saturn in Sagittarius means (for me and everyone). So far, I haven’t come up with anything as elegant as last time (“Need versus Desire: Saturn in Scorpio”).

Using sun sign analysis, which applies to all Geminis, Saturn entering Sagittarius means it crossed my Descendant and entered my relationship house. I strongly suspected that a relationship would show up and would induce significant learning. Not surprisingly, that has already happened.

Contemplating the cusp from Scorpio into Sagittarius, I now have some new thoughts about Saturn’s journey.

Scorpio is about transformation—a journey that necessitates traveling in, in, and further in. The boundary into Sagittarius flips things inside-out. Without changing direction, we now find our selves going out, out, and further out. That is because deep inside of each of us is the whole universe. I can’t explain it, but I feel it…I sense it…I get it on some level that does not exactly include my brain (at least not solely).

Can you follow how all of these pieces fit together? My progressed Mercury (my mental tendency) has changed…specifically from logical Gemini to feeling Cancer, which then drops me into the vast sea of Pisces where everything lives!

Perspective is everything…and…perspective is not simply what one thinks. It is not only what one sees or how one looks at it all. It is also how one feels…deep down…beyond verbal description.


Consider Mars for a moment. Right after Mars conjoined the North Node at nearly the Aries point of 0o Libra, we experienced a significant event (in Paris), which induced a strong global response. We all were affected by the event itself or the response that followed. Many are still reeling…and reacting.

Mars rules war, but also passion. In fact, it takes strong passion to choose to engage in a war (or to fight for anything).

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio: birth and death. In a sense, Aries is the birth of ego (of individuated self). The Aries point (0o Aries) can be thought of as the moment of birth. Then, at 23o 59’ Scorpio, we die. 0o Sagittarius is thus rebirth into the collective experience. We are no longer one, but rather a part of THE ONE.

Scorpio represents the pinnacle of intimacy (the merging and melding of individuals). That ecstasy is what induces death (an alternate spelling of depth). The moment after Scorpio, we go from the most intimate to the most public. It is when everything inside is blown outward. We can no longer hide. We have become transparent. [Sagittarius cannot tell a lie. It says what it thinks without hesitation. It thus reveals itself!]

Sagittarius relates to the ninth house: the house of philosophy, religion, (morality?), international travel, and global affairs. The center of our galaxy sits within the astrological sign of Sagittarius, as does the Great Attractor.

These days, people are publically battling (arguing) morality. There are not just two sides, although many try to divide the world that way. I think any Astrologer would say that we are decidedly experiencing (exhibiting) our transiting Saturn in Sagittarius now.

At the same time, we are expressing (exposing) our insides—our deepest needs and desires…and beliefs. I think many (all?) of our needs and desires stem from our beliefs.

In the minds of many, armies (and thus wars) are needed to protect freedoms. Most believe that we only have freedom because it was won. The underlying belief is thus that we are not free (innately) and that freedom is so fragile, it has to be vigilantly protected.

This brings me back to Mars. Scorpio represents the deepest intimacy we can feel. When we reach that level of intimacy, some wish to join with a specific significant other (through sexuality). Mars rules sexuality. It makes sense that from deep intimacy can come deep vulnerability and if we feel insecure within our vulnerability, we turn toward an aggressive defense, which is viewed as offence from the other side.

Pluto is said to be the higher octave of Mars. To solve our Martian conflict, we have to rise up to/through Plutonian transformation (from the inside out). Fighting someone/something outside of our selves is a way to do this…that is why war is permitted by the universe (by God, if you prefer).

Viewed another way: Freedom is so prevalent, we are allowed to perform the most atrocious acts…and yet we are STILL LOVED…always…even in the exact moment we are committing atrocities!

There is nothing you can do, which will cut off the love the Universe has for you. No matter how much you hate, you are simultaneously and unendingly loved.

Many people out there cannot believe this. Some of us can believe it intellectually, but not yet within our hearts. All of that is okay, because we can come to believe and experience these truths at any moment, even if for only a moment.

Us versus Them

Right now, the world is resonating within the idea that it is always us versus them. I recognize this within myself. For me, it is personal.

The idea is this: I cannot be happy until this outside thing/force/action is removed or destroyed. I cannot be safe while this threat exits.

Our view of cancer (the disease) is another manifestation of the same construct. It is a threat that gets us from within, yet we consistently seek what outside influences cause it. We label all sorts of things as cancer-causing and thus seek outward for cancer cures.

In these two profound ways, we give up our power. Every effort seeking power over something outside of us (or inside of us) gives away our true power.

Freedom is not given to us. It is something we innately have. Yet we can give it away (by creating an illusion that it is not ever-present).

Life is not given to us. It is something we innately have. Yet we can give it away (by creating an illusion that it is not ever-present).

Those who most seek to control others are those who are most fearful.

The only way we can feel safe, is to let go of fear. The only way we can feel free, is to let go of the idea that we are not free. Not knowing a solution doesn’t mean the solution doesn’t exist; it simply means we haven’t found it yet. Logic cannot be the sole tool to solve all problems because we are not simply ensouled brains. We are not one-dimensional.

“Terrorism” is a convenient label. It implies one side is right and the other is wrong. It attempts to hide the fact that war has two sides and is when two perspectives collide.

The Lunar nodes recently occupied 0o Aries/Libra – the ultimate we-versus-they opposition in the Zodiac. Libra represents justice and yet many (most? all?) acts of war are justified by those who perform them. Attacks are called “justified retaliation” by one side, and “terrorism” by the other side.


Humanity might have a long way to go before it rises above the concept, construct, and reality of war. So be it. Individually, we do not need world peace to attain inner peace. We can live on the same planet – enslaved by war or utterly free.

You have that choice, but you alone must choose for yourself.

Sagittarius is prone to exaggeration. Saturn is not immune. For the next three years, we are best served by monitoring our own exaggerations (our own dramatic responses to things less significant then we make them out to be).

Many out there want you to see the world in black and white (black versus white?). Do you really want to give up seeing this world in all of its splendid color?

What is Fair?

October 10, 2015

What is fair? Is it black and white? Does it boil down to simply this: one of us is right and the other is wrong? Is it all or nothing—fight to the death—winner takes all? Is that what fair looks like?

Is it survival of the fittest—the early bird always getting the worm? If I have the strength to take that worm away from you, does that make it fair that I do?

Is it majority rules? Does 51% have the right to dictate life for the rest of us? What about the 90%? Do they get to dominate the other 10%?

For that matter, is it fair that the ones with the most cash gets to set the rules, then break them and pay their way out of it?

Bring it into personal relationships. Is the bread-winner the master of the household? Does his value (MONEY) trump the value of the nurturer, the cooker, the cleaner, the feeder, the rearer?

Mercury stationing in Libra brought a clear lesson to me. Fair is not always obvious. It is not always simple. It is certainly not black and white. It contains nuance, intention, timing. It sometimes requires delving down before moving forward. It may require a mix of hard and soft.

It is not fair for me to simply take care of myself. It is also not fair for me to take care of you and disregard my perspective.

Fair sometimes requires us to move way out of our comfort zone…out of our protective place. It is not always the first answer…or even the tenth.

There are a lot of people trying to force the issues into a this-or-that, a one-size-fits-all solution.

I think “fair” requires giving it some time to work out. We need to take time to see it from more than one angle…possibly from all angles.

Fair can be achieved…it can also be improved. It is never 100%; it is never done. It should be allowed to change…it must be allowed to evolve.


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